YNHH married doctors’ Valentine’s Day: give COVID-19 vaccines


Dr Balcezak and Dr Soni Clubb met in medical school 33 years ago; The two have volunteered almost every Sunday since the vaccines became available.

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut – On Valentine’s Day, we find couples spending time together doing the things they love. In New Haven, at the Floyd Little Athletic Center vaccination clinic, two doctors who have been married for 29 years have decided to spend their Valentine’s Day making a difference.

“She was pretty excited to say that we found a date for Valentine’s Day,” said Dr. Tom Balcezak, clinical director of Yale-New Haven Hospital. “It’s an opportunity for us to do what we’re passionate about and take care of people.”

Dr Balcezak and Dr Soni Clubb first met in medical school 33 years ago. They spent years working side by side at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Last year, fighting the pandemic on the front lines only strengthened their love and dedication to their profession.

“We are so grateful. This is an incredible opportunity,” said Dr. Clubb. “Every person we vaccinate, especially this older population, you feel like you’re protecting their life.”

The two have volunteered almost every Sunday since Yale-New Haven Hospital began administering the vaccines in early December. The Floyd Little Athletic Center location has 21 stations configured to deliver over 1,000 doses per day.

“There are so many people who come together to get vaccinated as a couple and it’s quite romantic,” said Dr Clubb.

One of those couples, the Hurlburt. The two have been married for 43 years. Al Hurlburt calls them the best years of his life.

“This is my Valentine’s Day gift to my husband because we want to have many more years together,” said Mary Hurlburt.

They say the vaccine was nothing to worry about and easy to take.

“I think it’s so important to get this Covid vaccine for everyone, especially since it will hopefully reverse the pandemic,” Mary said.

Anyone 65 and over can book an appointment at the Floyd Little Field House location on the Yale-New Haven Hospital website. The site is open from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

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