Woman hosts blind Valentine’s Day party on TikTok


Some people don’t like being single on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, this woman didn’t have to be. Instead, she enlisted guests from the internet to attend her “chaotic” Valentine’s Day party.

TikToker Cassidy Davis first pitched her party idea in a video posted on Jan. 20 that now has over 290,000 views. The thought came to her as she was trying to think of something fun to do for Valentine’s Day weekend with her single girlfriends.

“The party is called ‘Bring a Chance and Bring a Bottle,'” she told her followers. Then she made the rules. “Number one: you have to bring in a random person you’ve matched with on a dating app,” Davis said. “Ideally, you haven’t dated them yet,” she added, so the party would be “maximum chaos.”

“The second rule is that you have to bring a bottle of alcohol to drink because we’re going to need it,” she said. Once you have your date and a drink, you show up at a friend’s house and play drinking games all night long. Don’t worry, this TikToker has also included in his plan a potential danger situation for a stranger. “If someone is a murderer and a murder happens, it’s a real murder mystery night,” Davis joked.

Fans loved the idea and begged to see how the Valentine’s Day party would pan out. Luckily, Davis posted an update on their chaotic party, but there’s been a bump in their plans. “I had 10 to 12 single girls that were going to invite a guy over, and they all had confirmed guys,” she said, until one group pulled out. In the last 24 hours before Valentine’s Day, Davis and his friends were sliding around like crazy telling matches on dating apps to come to their party. “So much so that some of us invited the same guy twice,” she said. Now she has between five and 65 men attending her party.

From her update video, it looked like the blind party was about to get bumpy, and she was right. In a third video, Davis set up a reality TV-themed confessional in the bathroom, where guests filmed their reactions to the party. The confessional appeared to be the highlight of the party, as it gained over 558,000 views on TikTok.

“Confession: I didn’t invite a single man to this party,” said one single girl.

“I’m just looking to get married and have babies,” another said in her filmed confessional.

A man, who called himself Joe Danger, showed up at the Valentine’s Day party wearing a black suit and tie. “I’m here on a reconnaissance mission, I’ll probably say hello and goodbye,” he said.

Talk to The Independent, Davis told us about his inspiration behind the event. “I hate online dating but I love partying with my single friends,” she told Us. “So I combined them!”

“The party was so much fun and lots of people bonded, exchanged numbers and even went on dates this week!” Davis shared. When asked if she would host the blind party again, she said yes. “Just maybe not at my place because it was chaotic.”

The blind party ended up being a resounding success, and even a few love matches were made in the process. In a post-party TikTok video, Davis gave her followers all the Valentine’s Day party gossip. A single friend of hers exchanged numbers with a male guest, and they had already gone on two dates. There was even a love triangle between three of the guests. This TikToker’s Valentine’s Day is sure to be one for the history books.


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