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Valorant Episode 4 is about to be released on PC platforms.

The new season of Valorant is marked by the release of an all new agent character.

This adds up to a huge new Battle Pass, with a selection of sprays, player cards, and weapon variants.

If you can’t wait to get started in Episode 4, then the good news is that there really isn’t long to wait.

Based on previous updates, Episode 4 will be released at 5:00 GMT on January 11. This means that American players will be able to start playing at midnight.

Neon’s new character is a Filipino agent capable of moving at “shocking speeds.”

“The Filipino agent, Neon, is advancing at a shocking speed, discharging shards of bioelectric radiation as fast as his body generates it,” the official description reads.

“She rushes to surprise enemies, then shoots them down faster than lightning.”

Basic Neon abilities include Fast Lane and Relay Bolt. With Fast Lane, Neon can pull two energy lines forward that rise up into walls of static electricity. This static electricity blocks vision and damages enemies that pass through them.

Relay Bolt, on the other hand, sees Neon launch an energy bolt that electrifies the ground with a concussion explosion.

Neon’s signature ability is High Gear, which provides the character with speed boost and an electric slide.

Finally, Neon’s Overdrive ability is said to unleash all of the character’s power and speed. You can channel the power into a “deadly lightning beam with great precision of movement”.

The new character is launched alongside the Protocol 781-A skin pack, which is described as a dystopian skin line.

“The Protocol skin line was created by an oppressive shadow government that must quell disorder within its ranks,” the official description reads.

“Enter protocol 781-A: an arsenal specially designed to provide combat assistance, monitor performance and enforce every command. Skins have multiple level styles and cost 9,990 VP.

As for the Battle Pass, players can claim it for 1,000 VP. Below is a selection of free and paid items.

Key Features of the Battle Pass …

Free Highlights:

• Velocity Shorty with variants

• Operation: Fracture Player Card

• Valentine’s Day Tactical Player Card

• Chicken outside Gun Buddy

• Lost connection spray

Paid Highlights:

• Velocity Karambit with variants

• Schema vandal

• Velocity Phantom with variants

• Hydrodip Frenzy

• Unstoppable // Sage player card

• Set of Be Mine player cards for Valentine’s Day

• A Big Brain gun buddy

• Nice One Spray

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