Valentine’s Day movies to watch with the family


Valentine’s Day Movies:

It’s the month of love!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what better way to celebrate than a movie night (or a marathon). Cozy up, snuggle up, treat yourself, and find teachable moments about love, friendship, and family in each of these selections. The great music, silly one-liners, and colorful characters will have the whole family feeling the love, making for a Valentine’s Day to remember. Warning: You may want these films to be repeated all year round!


Disney’s latest film follows the Madrigal family, from a beautiful mountain town called Encanto. The magic of the city gave powers to each of the members of the Madrigal family, except Mirabel. Watch this colorful, wide-eyed, curly-haired character discover her special talent – just what she needs to save her town when the magic gets dangerous! With music from award-winning singer and songwriter Lin Manual Miranda, you’ll be singing the songs for days. In theaters and streaming on Disney+; also available for purchase on DVD.

“ET: The Extra-Terrestrial”

Who doesn’t remember that classic phrase from the 80s: “ET…phone home?!” Grab a bowl of Reese’s Coins (trust me, you’ll be glad you did) and watch Elliott, a young boy from a suburban town, invite a lost alien into his home. Passing off this being as one of his brothers and sisters leads to a lot of nonsense and adventures. One of Steven Spielberg’s greatest hits, it’s also heartbreaking. AND will he ever come home? You’ll have to see it to find out!

“Gnomeo & Juliet”

A wonderful take on Shakespeare’s classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the film takes us through the feud of two families: the Montagues versus the Capulets, except they’re all dwarves! Juliet and Romeo, gnomes head over heels in love on both sides, find ways to meet when things go wrong. Will they be together in the end? Lawnmowers, flowers, and flamingos play unusual roles, making for a humorous story with a thrilling plot.

“The Lady and the Tramp”

A classic Valentine’s Day film, this Disney selection follows the romantic adventures of Lady, a pampered cocker spaniel who runs away from home. She meets a pooch named Tramp who has a heart of gold. Children of all ages will enjoy this movie for the lovable characters, beautiful songs, and fun scenes. Pro tip: Have a plate of spaghetti handy in case your kids want to gobble noodles like these two puppies do!

“The Return of Mary Poppins”

“Mary Poppins Returns” is a new film exploring family relationships and friendships. With a combination of live and animated characters, nanny Mary Poppins and the Banks family go through many adventures to save their home from foreclosure. Don’t miss the original “Mary Poppins” movie either! Song and dance will guide you through this classic, having you singing catchy tunes and leaving you with a warm, fuzzy feeling!


An ogre, a princess and a lord… it sounds like a bad joke montage, but this movie is anything but bad! The kingdom is overseen by an evil lord who banishes people to the swamp, the home of Shrek, the ogre. In order to find peace and solitude, he must rescue the princess and deliver her to the villain. With action, drama and comedy, this movie is a performer! Find out if it’s also a romance.

Valentine's Day Movies


These bright candy-colored creatures with wavy hair are a joy to watch! Your family will be wiggling their toes and having a full dance party because the music is upbeat and this good! The story tells of a careless troll, Princess Poppy, and her opposite friend, Branch, who try to protect their village from the evil Bergens. The Bergens think the only way to be happy is to eat trolls! Will they save their friends? Look and see.

Valentine's Day Movies


WALL-E is a robot, programmed to clean up all the trash on Earth, but he has a bigger purpose. He meets another robot, EVE, and they figure out how to save the planet. You will love WALL E and her big expressive eyes. The relationship these two robots have is endearing, while the message about humans on Earth is a lesson to be learned.

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