Valentine’s Day Movies for Every Mood


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This weekend, we celebrate love and its cinematographic expression, the rom-com. Two out today Marry me and I want you to come backare testament to the genre’s resilience amid the modern onslaught of sequels and superhero movies, says David Sims.

No matter your taste in movies, and whether you’re watching Valentine’s Day weekend alone, with that special someone, or with friends, we’ve got an option you can snuggle up with. I asked my colleague Shirley Li to pick out five movies that will get your heart pumping no matter what your pre-holiday mood is.

1. The Modern Classic: before sunrise

“The best romantic films understand that the power of love needs no embellishment, and Richard Linklater’s seminal drama, the first in his indelible trilogy, keeps things as simple as they come,” m said Shirley. The film, which follows two strangers who meet on a train and decide to disembark together, is “sweet and earnest – and quietly compelling”.

Where to watch: On Tubi

2. The new version for those who have already seen everything: Marry me

It is Notting Hill“if Notting Hill were put in the United States and the celebrity in question was a pop star who was heartbroken moments before his live-streamed publicity stunt for a wedding,” Shirley explained. “Sure, it’s predictably absurd and absurdly predictable, but Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson exude old-school appeal.”

Where to watch: In theaters and on Peacock

3. The salty choice that’s ambivalent about love: The worst person in the world

Straight out of the prestige-film-festival circuit, the worst person blurs the idea of ​​a soul mate. What unfolds instead is “a devastating portrayal of an unstable generation” that defies genre, writes our reviewer David Sims. It “switches from lively comedy to erotically charged romance to bittersweet drama, executing every tonal shift seamlessly, even as plot twists seem to come out of nowhere”.

Where to watch: In cinemas

4. The perfect pick for “Palentine Day”: A good person

February 13, also known as Galentine’s Day, has recently become popular as a date to celebrate the friendships that help us pull through. This 2019 breakup movie “isn’t so much about losing your boyfriend as it is about growing up and entering scary 30s territory,” David wrote in his 2019 review.

Where to watch: on Netflix

5. The die hard-style option that is only questionable on theme: Venom

What could be more romantic than a movie about an alien parasite? Venom “is, at its heart, a will-they-won’t-they story – a macabre-cute encounter between an unlucky reporter and a grumpy, gloppy little alien with a really big appetite,” David explained in 2018. The dynamic between this non-traditional pair is the reason to watch this otherwise awkward film. (David also reviewed last year’s so-bad-it-good sequel, Venom: let there be carnage.)

Where to watch: On Starz, or pay to rent online

Got a movie you plan to watch this weekend? Tell us.

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