Valentine’s Day Movies + Drink Combo


Whether you’re single, dating, hating or loving Valentine’s Day, or somewhere in between, there’s a movie for you. Spend February 14 watching a Valentine’s Day that’s exactly how you feel about Cupid’s holiday while sipping on a cocktail (if you’re 21+) or mocktail of your choice!

Here’s a list of 11 perfect Valentine’s Day movie and drink combinations!

The Valentine’s Day movie if you’re single: how to be single

As the title suggests, the film follows a group of friends in New York who approach single life differently. Alice (dakota johnson) braves the new single life with his party friend Robin (Rebel Wilson). Meg (Leslie Man) decides to be a single parent via a sperm donor, while Lucy (Alison Brie) thinks dating apps have become a science.

The film validates the freedom and the troubles of being single while proving that there’s no one way to live life as a single person. Sometimes being single helps us achieve what we really want.

Drink of your choice: Try a virgin or alcoholic Cosmopolitan, a perfect drink in New York!

look how to be single on HBO Max.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you watch it with your partner: The photograph

The photograph tells how 1 picture can change the trajectory of your life forever. Issa Rae plays Mae, an assistant curator who feels angry and confused after the death of her mother, famed photographer Christina Eames (Sang Adams). When Michael (Lakeith Stanfield) – a journalist – meets Mae due to her interest in investigating her mother’s life, Mae and Michael begin to fall in love. As the two spend time together, Mae learns more about her mother’s life and her lost love.

Snuggle up on the couch with your partner and watch this tearful of a movie. The photograph illustrates that we must face our past to give love a chance.

Drink of your choice: Open a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, a cozy and romantic drink for 2!

look The photograph on HBO Max.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you’re a hopeless romantic: Serendipity

For those of you who crave romance and happy endings, Serendipity is the movie for you! Written by Mark Klein and featuring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsalethe film follows a couple who are looking for each other 10 years after meeting, convinced that fate would bring them together. Serendipity proves to all hopeless romantics that it’s okay to wait for that perfect love; It is over there.

If you are looking for another Mark Klein romantic film, his new film— The in-between— was released on Paramount+! Warning- The in-between is much sadder than Serendipity. . .

Drink of your choice: Go for the bartender and the author Field Colinit is “Serendipity” virgin or alcoholic cocktail, too perfect!

look Serendipity on Amazon Prime Video.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you hate tasty endings: A good person

If you call happy endings cliche, then you’ll appreciate A good person. When a music journalist, Jenny, is dumped by her longtime boyfriend, she asks her 2 friends to embark on a wild adventure through NYC before moving to San Fransisco. Gina Rodriguez, By Wanda Sage, Brittany snowand LaKeith Stanfield star.

In a mix of crazy shenanigans, bittersweet flashbacks and an iconic dance party for Lizzo“Truth hurts”, A good person shows the audience that it’s okay not to know what the next chapter of your life will bring. It’s a powerful journey regardless.

Drink of your choice: Experiment with Jenny’s Green Juice Mimosa – it might be terrible, but mix it up with champagne or sparkling water and see for yourself!

look A good person on Netflix

The Valentine’s Day movie if you hate the holidays: missing girl

You could absolutely hate Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay! missing girl may be your movie selection for this holiday. In the psychological thriller, Rosamund pike plays Amy – a woman who stages her own demise and mentors her lazy, aloof husband Nick (Ben Affleck).

Whether you’re on Team Amy or Team Nick, we all agree that this relationship is toxic. missing girl proves that while marriage may seem perfect on the outside, there’s no telling what it’s like behind closed doors.

Drink of your choice: You’ll have to go with a virgin or an alcoholic Missouri Rattlesnake Cocktail— the delectable punch of sweet and bitter.

look missing girl on Hulu.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day: Girls trip

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating romantic love; it also helps to recognize any special friendships in your life! Girls trip is the perfect movie to have for your Galentine’s Day party. movie stars Regina Room, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smithand Tiffany Haddish like four best friends who grew apart over the years. When one of them receives the opportunity to speak at the Essence Music Festival, she decides to invite her friends for the trip. What ensues is dancing, romance and lots of mayhem.

Girls trip will help you appreciate all the wonderful girlfriends that make your life a little sweeter.

Drink of your choice: Get your sugar fix with a virgin or an alcoholic Flamboyant absinthe and strawberry milkshake– you will have your ice cream and your cum in one!

look Girls trip on Amazon Prime Video.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you like musicals: Once

If you like romance and musicals, try the Irish film Once. The film follows a vacuum cleaner repairman and a Czech immigrant who meet in Dublin and learn that they are both budding musicians. The two spend a week writing, rehearsing and recording songs and begin to fall in love. The film has been adapted into a musical.

With a beautiful soundtrack, including the song “Falling Slowly”, Once teaches us how the love of music can move us all, no matter where we are in life.

Drink of your choice: Check out a non-alcoholic or regular Guinness – it’s a must in Ireland.

look Once on Youtube.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you’re an “old soul”: When Harry Met Sally

Whereas When Harry Met Sally isn’t necessarily an old movie, it contains a lot of joy and nostalgia from the late 80s. The movie raises the perennial question: can men and women just be friends? Meg Ryan and billy crystal star as friends who have known each other since college. As the two get older, they attempt to stay close without sex ruining their relationship.

As billy crystal delivers the most romantic and heartfelt monologue near the end of the film, he shows the audience the beauty of being in love with your best friend.

Drink of your choice: Picking tomato juice alone or with a “just a touch” touch of Bloody Mary mix– it is an essential and incredible reference.

look When Harry Met Sally on HBO Max.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you like contemporary movies: half of it

There are some great new romance movies out there, and half of it is one of them. The film follows Ellie, a Chinese-American straight A student who helps a school jock win the girl of his dreams, Aster. Simultaneously, Ellie also has feelings for Aster. The cast includes Lea Lewis, Alexis Lemireand Daniel Diemer.

half of it lets viewers see the reach of love and how sometimes it can make you do the craziest things.

Drink of your choice: Try a seltzer water or a soda, an ideal drink for “young adults”

look half of it on Netflix.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you like the classics: Pride and Prejudice

You can’t stray from the classics when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Jane AustenThe novel comes to life in Pride of prejudice. Elizabeth, intelligent and outspoken, lives with her parents and 4 other sisters in the English countryside. When she first meets the bachelor, rich and proud Mr. Darcy, she has no interest in knowing him. As the two begin to meet, sparks fly.

Whether you decide to watch the 2005 version with Keira Knightley or the 1995 TV miniseries starring Colin Firthyou will be transported to a world of royalty and passion.

Drink of your choice: try it Mr. Darcy virgin or alcoholic cocktail, it is the best combination of tea and bubbles!

look Pride and Prejudice on HBO Max.

The Valentine’s Day movie if you go solo to the cinema: Marry me

J. Lo returns as rom-com queen in new movie Marry me. She plays the role of a pop star Kat Valdez who plans to marry her music partner Batista (Maluma) during one of his concerts. When she finds out Batista cheated on her, she decides to marry a stranger in the crowd holding a “Marry Me” sign – played by Owen Wilson.

The audience will see if two people from completely different backgrounds are able to find true love together.

Drink of your choice: Grab a fancy little cocktail if your movie theater has a bar or opt for a classic slushie – you’ll have the perfect cinematic experience.

look Marry me in theaters now or on Peacock.

Whatever movie you decide to watch and whatever cocktail party you decide to have, have fun giving yourself the love you so desperately need this Valentine’s Day!

For more movie ideas, take a look at our list of the best romantic comedies of all time.


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