Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Travel-Inspired Food Gifts


While food has always been popular for Valentine’s Day gifts (good morning, chocolate), why not take this holiday a step further and consider something culinary and inspired by travel? Because we’re spending even more time at home these days, these things may make even more sense to loved ones missing their favorite destinations right now.

Omsom’s flight, $89

Founded by sisters, refugee daughters, and first-generation Vietnamese-Americans Kim and Vanessa Pham, Omsom makes it easy to prepare tasty, restaurant-style meals from the comfort of home. And this set, which contains six signature starter packs, lets you easily whip up some of Southeast and East Asia’s most iconic dishes, from Filipino sisig to Korean bulgogi.

Marky’s Caviar Osetra Russian Caviar Set$97.39

Since 1983, Marky’s Caviar has made high-quality, sustainably harvested fish roe accessible to everyone. But since Valentine’s Day is a splurge-worthy occasion, why not gift this set to your loved one? Here you’ll find a pot of Russian Osetra caviar (widely considered one of the best in the world with its undeniably earthy and nutty profile), fresh cream and homemade blinis.

Verve Culture Moroccan cuisine tagine for two$60

Used to cook the North African dish of the same name, tagines are handmade conical vessels made from clay typically used over an open flame or stovetop. (Although they’re also completely safe for ovens.) Their distinctive shape condenses steam, circulates it, and then returns it to the bottom, giving the dish more moisture and flavor. You can also use it to cook other savory recipes, such as shakshuka.

Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit$369

Named one of TIME’s Top 100 Inventions of 2020, Cuzen creates barista-quality matcha drinks at home by grinding fresh leaves with each use – meaning bolder, tastier matcha ready to drink. incorporated into hot and iced drinks. And just in time for your Valentine’s Day gift needs, Cuzen has launched new latte mixes and cute, handcrafted latte cups.

In Bibi’s kitchen$35

In her first cookbook “In Bibi’s Kitchen”, co-authored with Julia Turshen, Somali chef Hawa Hassan explores eight African countries bordering the Indian Ocean with recipes (such as Ma Gehennet’s Eritrean Shiro, a vegan pea stew ground chickpeas) passed down from grandmothers – more affectionately called fascinator. It offers an intimate look at cuisines and cultures often overlooked by mainstream food media.

Madre Mezcal Ritual Kit$74.99

Are you curious about mezcal, but don’t know where to start? Consider this kit from Madre Mezcal. The hand-stamped wooden box contains everything you need to fully enjoy the spirit of the layered agave: two ceramic copitas, a Mayan copal incense and holder, and of course, a bottle of Madre Together. Made in Oaxaca with swordfish and Cuiche agave, it’s an exceptionally smooth and smooth drink with hints of vanilla, making it perfect for beginners.

Bona Furtuna Romeo and Juliet$175

Consider this the ultimate culinary duo. The award-winning olive oil is pressed only from Biancolilla Centinara (a variety of olive found in Corleone, Sicily), for a fruity and herbaceous profile, while the traditional 12-year-old balsamic vinegar that accompanies is finished in wooden barrels for a spiciness. , caramelized flavor. And like Romeo and Juliet, the two products shine especially when used together.

Chinola liquor$38.99

Blended with ripe passion fruit from the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic, this bright orange liqueur – each bottle contains the juice of 12 to 18 fruits – is more tart than sweet. Meaning: It’s a brilliant and invigorating addition to cocktails and food with endless possibilities. Use it over sparkling wine, drizzle a little into a margarita or mojito, or drizzle a little over vanilla ice cream.

Curate at Home Premium Conservas Experience, $132.00

From Katie Button and her husband Felix Meana, owners of Asheville’s beloved tapas spot, Cúrate Bar de Tapas, comes Cúrate at Home. The online market brings the best Spanish specialty products to your doorstep, including this set of premium canned seafood and signature hot sauce. Fancy a vermouth pairing to complete the experience? Then order “La Hora del Vermut”, which can be shipped to certain states.

UmamiCart East Asian Lunar New Year Party, $91.12

Founded by Andrea Xu, Umamicart makes it easy to source Asian staples from old and new brands. And just in time for the Lunar New Year (Happy New Year of the Tiger!) which kicks off on February 1, comes this colorful and bountiful feast of steamed fish, longevity noodles, tteokguk and other auspicious foods. available for next day delivery nationwide and same day delivery in New York.

Diaspora Co. The Full Flavor Makeover, $98

For years, Americans have thoughtlessly stocked their pantries with bland, stale spices without regard to their origin. But with Diaspora Co., Sana Javeri Kadri changes that by offering fair trade and ethically sourced spices from small farms in India. The result is a more lively, concentrated and flavor-focused product that enhances everything you cook.


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