Valentine’s Day 2022: 4 ideas for long-distance virtual dates


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Love is definitely in the air!

However, this year, Valentine’s Day will still be a bit different from the day of hearts we usually experience from 2019 and the previous one due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Valentine’s Day 2022 will be the second year partners spend it under COVID19 restrictions, limiting couples with their usual option of always dating.

It’s understandable that some couples decide not to brave the crowds and go to a crowded restaurant for dinner. Going to concerts, the cinema and going out with friends is no longer the same thing.

Despite the fact that the couples were able to be vaccinated and strengthened, some may still be planning to stay this year and spend the holidays in a safe environment.

movie night

A date with a safe, classic and intimate movie will always be a good idea for Valentine’s Day.

Some couples might use it as a date option, though some may opt to casually go to the theater despite the pandemic. Depending on the protocol of where the couples live, this can vary greatly.

To get the most out of the evening, many couples might decide to have a movie night at home. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and Disney+ have gotten a lot of attention since social distancing began.

On top of that, couples can also order takeout from their favorite restaurants to enjoy the comfort of their own home and stay safe away from the crowds.

Museum Date Take a tour of the museum

Another amazing Valentine’s Day date idea is to take a museum tour.

For art-loving couples, museum dates are a perfect idea to find out what an individual loves and at the same time have a date with loved ones.

According to Cnet, museum dates are a classic. Instead of going to a gallery in real life, you can find various tours of museums around the world on YouTube.

However, this date idea can vary significantly depending on where the couples live or the location of the museum, as safety protocols will be put in place due to the pandemic.

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Virtual dinner date

Unfortunately, many couples may not be together during this pandemic. This virtual dinner date is also a great idea for couples in a long distance relationship.

If couples don’t mind watching each other eat over a video call, a good idea might be a dinner or a drink virtually.

Couples can also try to put on decent clothes, order food or eat home cooked meals and have drinks.

Virtual dinner dates can also be done by surprising a partner by delivering their favorite dish.

To diversify the experience, couples can find a recipe for a meal or even just a cocktail and prepare it while chatting with their friends.

The date of the picnic

Sarasota Magazine also recommends a picnic date. This date idea is romantic and a perfect setup for couples who are just looking to relax, sit back and enjoy nature.

However, picnic dates require good weather, so couples should keep that in mind when deciding to go on a picnic.

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