Update: The LA Taco Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts (2021)


Update 11/2/21: A personal mariachi band serenade, heart-shaped conchas and heart-shaped mulitas. Details below.

The likelihood of seeing Valentine’s Day as a silly holiday invented by a greeting card company correlates directly with your answer to the following question.

Are you single?

If so, then that’s for sure! It might even be the dumbest party ever. If not, then welcome to the annual race for a little something – something which, while laborious, is never worth it once the morning of February 14 arrives.

It’s also undeniable that many of us don’t need a vacation to remind us to fill our loved ones with love. Hell, some of us may have even made a pact with our partners swearing not to buy ourselves something for Day V.

But just in case, for all the hopeless romantics and people who like to have a reason to donate and support local businesses, LA Taco is here for you. After all, Valentine’s Day, known as “El Día del Amor y la Amistad” in Latin America, isn’t just for lovers.

For the foo in your life

If you love drifting off memories, listening to Sunday oldies and airbrushing art, Cecelia Perez’s art-based Instagram account @asspie will fill your heart with all kinds of feelings. For this Valentine’s Day, the Bay Area-based Latinx artist created a Valentine’s Day niche card, perfect for that person in your life that you catch laughing out loud from those sparkles. @FoosGoneWild comments.

Orders through it online shop.

For the chocolate lover who lives in the Valley

When all else fails, chocolate. That’s a good rule of thumb… in life in general. When there’s a fresh, juicy strawberry under that chocolate, it’s even more special. Panorama city based @MinisSweetShop is here for all your cute pink candy needs.

Orders by DM.

For the galletero in your life

Baker based in East Los Angeles @EastLosSweets features cookies adorned with bilingual and colorful Valentine’s Day artwork from La Central Bakery.

Orders via E-mail on their website.

For the conch lover

Panadería Los Angelitos Bakery, based in Huntington Park, has “bouquets of concha” for Valentine’s Day, which is nifty and a hell of a way to mix up the usual bouquets of flowers. All you need is chocolate or Mexican coffee and you’ll be good to go.

Orders via DM, walk-in and delivery options available. El Gallo Giro is also offer them.

For the heart-shaped concha lover

Delicias Panaderia in Highland Park promotes vegan and traditional heart-shaped conchas. First come, first served from 9 a.m. on Saturday and Monday. This panadería was recently profiled through The magazine where the family behind her spoke about the uncertain future facing OG Bakery in northeast LA, so every concha sold counts.

5567 N Figueroa St, Highland Park, California 90042

For those who live and die by Taco Life of LA

The tacos stacked next to each in a heart-shaped box appear to have been tailor-made for Angelenos, Evil cooks offers them again this year. In addition to the mini-boxes for those who are perfectly content to have only two tacos. Zingo Tacos also in El Sereno offers them this year.

Order via DM and meet at both locations.

For those who like to breathe deeply and use essential oils

Latinx owned by homosexuals Love shocks specializes in all-natural, non-toxic, sexless functional scents that promote deep breathing and awareness. It is always good to remember these last two practices.

Available in line.

For those who like to drink interesting things for a good cause

VERVET prepares canned craft cocktails in Los Angeles with ingredients that reflect the diversity of the city’s people. For Valentine’s Day, they collaborate with Stanley Wet Products and home baker Sydney kramer to create a cocktail and cookie box. Ten percent of all proceeds will go to the DTLA Women’s Center and each box contains a few of their “Sundowner” cocktails made with rhubarb shrub, oak chips and naturally colored with cochinillas.

Order via Stanley Wet Products online or in person.

For those who forever miss Mexico

Miniature-anything is always a good bet as an incredibly cute gift. @Lavaderitos offers tiny versions of the old-fashioned car wash stations found all over Mexico, complete with Zote mini bar soap. In addition to their novelty factor, they are used to clean makeup brushes.

Order online through their Etsy Account.

For the pizza eater once a week

Is there anything more romantic than a few heart-shaped pizzas with great drinks? LA Taco thinks not, because even if we can live only on tacos, a pizza is always welcome. The best part of it all is that this pizza, aside from the heat-shaped gadget, is really tasty and some of the best in Los Angeles. Look at this crust!

Order in line.

Surf and Turf. Photo courtesy of Pez Cantina.

For those who are too busy to cook but still want to spoil their seafood partner with a great meal

Pez Cantina offers an extremely inviting three-course meal for two that features dishes with provocative names like “Ménage au trois de ceviche tostadas spicy tuna / octopus / aguachile shrimp” and a surf and turf molcajete with lobster and short ribs. The husband and wife team behind the modern Mexican restaurant that has kept it at DTLA since 2014 is doing everything it can for lovers on V Day. What better way to say I love you than with lobster, chili in nogada and custard? (Vegan options available.)

Order via Knock.

For those who love Japanese cuisine

Lobster omurice, do you like it? If you’re a fan of creamed eggs and lobster, the pre-order lobster omurice from Jist Cafe in Little Tokyo may be the breakfast of your dreams.

Pre-order in line. 16 Judge John Aiso Street

For those who love heart-shaped tacos

For true romantics who love personal serenades

The female-led Mariachi Show Gallos Reales still has places available for personal serenades on the day of the big V. Prices are flexible, especially for their “MariachiGrams” where they record themselves performing a song dedicated to your half.

Hit them via DM on Instagram ,.

For the Tapatio in your life who loves steamed tacos

Give your Valentine a beautiful plate full of lips! Tacos de labio al vapor, by Tacos Estilo Guadalajara with a spicy AF habanera salsa accompaniment, is the perfect gift for that person who loves the simple but delicious things in life. Tacos Estilo Guadalajara is a women-owned and operated taco shop with locations in Downey and Lynwood. It’s also a no-frills taqueria, just for steamed tacos, that was a 2020 Taco Madness semi-finalist.

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