The Valentine’s Day Horror Movies That Prove True Love Really Exists


After midnight (Something else). Image courtesy Cranked Up Films

No funny deal in these romantic valentine horror movies

It’s not every day that fans of the macabre go looking for romantic horror movies, but on Valentine’s Day it kind of becomes a requirement. While you won’t find anything like Romeo and Juliet or The Notebook on this list, each of the movies built their foundation on the existence of true love.

If you browse the web for the best horror movies with a romantic twist, you will find some great movies like Shaun of the Dead, Warm bodies and Night of the Living Deb.

It’s not that kind of list. We’ve worked hard to find romantic horror movies that are actually horror movies. That means you won’t find any crossover of our horror comedies on the Netflix list, but you will enjoy these movies on this romantic vacation.

Valentine’s Day Horror Movies: After Midnight (2019)

When Hank wakes up to find that his girlfriend Abby has left him after 10 years, he begins a slow descent into madness. That’s what everyone thinks anyway. He’s convinced a terrifying monster started visiting him as soon as Abby took off, and there’s plenty of evidence that he may be right.

His paranoid ramblings might have won him more sympathy if his behavior hadn’t become so erratic. Is the monster real or just a manifestation of Hank’s guilt and loneliness? Either way, the amazing and unexpected climax makes it a Valentine’s Day horror flick that shows how far a person will go for love.

Oh, and it’s the same people who brought us Endless, spring, drums and Resolution. If you haven’t watched each of these movies, you have homework this weekend.

Horror Movies for Valentine’s Day: Candyman (1992)

How long have you been watching Candy? If it’s been a decade or more, you might not remember this to be a perfect horror movie for Valentine’s Day. Although the main character is a supernatural serial killer, it’s easy to forget how he got there.

Candyman was once a mortal man. Unfortunately, this was at a time when slavery was legal. Even the death threat couldn’t stop him from loving a white woman, but when he got her pregnant, he was executed for doing so.

When a lost love story translates into a quest for revenge across the centuries, you know there was real love involved. For that reason and more, this movie landed on our best horror movies on the ’90s list.


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