The ten best gifts for your lover


Valentine’s Day: On this day of spongy romance, you may be struggling to come up with ideas for your sweetheart. Are you in love with a crypto enthusiast? Well here are some gift ideas that will put you in the right books.

1) Valentine’s Day Cryptocurrencies

The most obvious gift to give your loved one this February 14 is cryptocurrency. If your partner knows crypto well, great! Is your partner new? So without a doubt, the best starting crypto to give them is Bitcoin (BTC).

You can write the details in a love note and give it to them in an envelope. Or you can send it with a text message, either via WhatsApp, Telegram or email. You might have to explain the seed phrase or the encrypted private key, but when they figure out what the real gift is, they’ll love you forever. Or, until they get sick of you, whichever comes first.

2) Hardware Wallet

If the idea of ​​giving your partner a private key doesn’t sound romantic, then a physical wallet might be a good solution to the problem. Thanks to these wallets, which look a lot like a USB key, your loved one will be able to HODLer their crypto-currencies in complete safety, since the chances of being hacked are practically nil.

The most recognized and affordable hardware wallets come from Ledger and Trezor. Wrap it up romantically and it’s a damn sexy gift.

3) Course on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

It’s never too late to learn new things. Taking a course together on blockchain and cryptocurrencies is a great idea. Indeed, the adoption of digital currencies and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will continue to increase in the future, and we anticipate that they will become an essential part of our lives.

blockchain education

There are several free courses and even in the Learn section of BeInCrypto there is a lot of great information available to everyone. However, taking a paid course will earn your partner a certificate, which can be useful for their professional resume. It can even open up new job opportunities.

4) Cash in or buy an NFT

One of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts are photographs that depict the couples best moments. But if you want to innovate on this type of giveaway, you can mint or create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with snaps full of love.


On the other hand, if your crush is a digital art collector or a regular Play-To-Earn video game player, giving them something along those lines is a winner. Plus, thanks to the NFT features, this gift will be stored on the blockchain forever, so you won’t have to worry about it withering or melting due to heat.

5) A cryptocurrency miner

Can you imagine your partner’s face opening a gift and encountering a computer capable of mining cryptocurrencies? Seeing the excitement on their faces upon receiving an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) on Valentine’s Day will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Valentine's Day Helium Miner
helium miner

There is a catch. The price of ASICs is quite high and over time the rewards for mining Bitcoin (BTC) will decrease. For this reason, an alternative that you can consider is to buy a Hotspot to extract helium (HNT). It’s much more affordable – the benefits are greater and you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill going up as it uses less power than a traditional internet modem.

6) A subscription to TradingView

If your partner is an experienced cryptocurrency investor, they likely use the TradingView platform to stay on top of the price action of their favorite tokens. However, the free version has some limitations.

Valentine's day

That is why, if you offer them a premium TradingView subscription, you will see a special light in their eyes. With it, you’ll use all the technical indicators you like, and your charting experience will be much more rewarding. Moreover, your scalping, day trading or swing trading will be much more rewarding.

7) Books on cryptocurrencies

Books are always a great Valentine’s Day gift. For lovers of letters, a good title will always be well received. But for this February 14, we recommend that you go beyond romantic novels and sci-fi tomes and donate a book related to cryptocurrencies.

valentines day book gift

On platforms like Amazon, you can find Bitcoin for Dummies, The Bitcoin Standard, and Mastering Bitcoin, to name a few. And you can gift the books in their digital format, so if you forget to buy something at the last minute, it will look like you have it under control.

8) Favorite Team Fan Tokens

Is your partner a big fan of a particular football club? You can buy their team token as a gift. There are fan tokens for football teams; other disciplines such as eSports or Formula 1 also have their cryptocurrencies. If your partner is a fan of a specific club, giving them a Fan Token will make them love you more than ever.

English Premier League Football Soccer

9) Crypto Merch

Did you know that the BeInCrypto team has t-shirts that they proudly wear whenever they attend an event? Well, your partner doesn’t need to work in the area to wear brand name products. You can gift them a shirt, hoodie, or tie with cryptocurrency-related designs.

NFT Merchandise

This gift is undoubtedly one of the easiest to make. All you need to do is send a design to a custom shirt maker. Just make sure you know their size! Or you can shop online from multiple online outlets. You can now also buy NFT products. The possibilities here are endless.

10) A Valentine’s Day trip or hotel stay

So far, we have only mentioned the hardware elements. But at BeInCrypto we know very well that traveling or spending a romantic evening in a hotel is a very special experience. And thanks to Travala, you can buy plane tickets or book hotel rooms all over the world using cryptocurrencies.

Beach Wave for Valentine's Day

Not sure which destination to visit with your partner on Valentine’s Day? Then you can consider taking a trip to El Zonte, a beach in El Salvador that stands out for its many shops that accept Bitcoin as payment currency.

This Valentine’s Day, give your crypto enthusiast (or newbie) the gift that is blockchainey. On behalf of the BeInCrypto team, we send squishy love to all of our readers!

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