The men’s grooming guide for a date


What to wear on Valentine’s Day is a hot topic this time of year, but what about how to set yourself up to be the most stylish man on your Valentine’s Day date? -Valentine?

Far too many men have a slap and dash approach when it comes to their grooming. However, gone are the days when a little cologne or aftershave would do the job. Men’s grooming, as you know, is far more complex today and requires as much, if not more, attention than your wardrobe. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, whether you plan to go out or stay home, having your grooming game on point is essential if you want to impress your loved one. Be a man who takes care of himself, smells good and feels good.

So get your essentials and diet under control, and once that’s all done, revisit this grooming checklist for a date.

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Valentine’s Day 2022: A Grooming Guide for Men

Nail your nail care

Is your idea of ​​nail care limited to cutting your nails once in a while? There is more to nail care and grooming, even for men. Dirty, long fingernails don’t need an explanation as to why they’re a big no! If you want to get a manicure or pedicure, go for it, have fun and relax, but if you’d rather stay and take care of it at home, buffing your nails is a great way to make sure they retain their natural their healthy glow. and for extra credit, file your nails after trimming so sharp edges don’t snag on clothes and break them.

Put your best hand forward

Needless to say, your hands are the first point of contact, whether it’s business or a date. It should come as no surprise, then, that making sure your hands are well hydrated is an essential part of men’s grooming. No one is clamoring to hold hands if it feels like sandpaper, and if you tend to do physical work, your skin is more prone to calluses and cracks. To make sure you leave a good impression, use a hand lotion that hydrates and leaves your skin feeling invigorated.

cut the difference

The little things make all the difference and that is the case with nose hair. While they are quite essential and keep all unwanted particles out of your nose, pieces that are too long and visible do you no favors. So get out your trusty nose clipper and clip them for a cleaner look. The market is full of affordable and great options, so grab one and check it off your men’s grooming checklist.

valentines day men's grooming guide
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A little lip balm goes a long way

An ideal smile isn’t just white teeth, it comes with soft, hydrated lips that are easily achievable with a simple tool, lip balm. Chapped lips are a big deal, they peel, crack and even bleed making your flirting attempt sour. So if you find yourself constantly plagued by dry, chapped lips, it’s time to pull out a lip balm that gives you much-needed hydration.

Floss but not dance

Clean teeth and minty breath precede pearly whites. It seems simple and logical to know that oral hygiene is a fundamentally important step in grooming and there is no need to argue further than seeing last night’s food stuck between someone’s teeth is rather unpleasant. The solution is simple, a daily habit of flossing will save you from any mishaps and carrying mints in your pocket is always a smart move.

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Cut and form

Whether you lean towards a beard or prefer a clean-shaven look, it’s important that whatever you choose, you keep it well-maintained. However, now that beards have moved beyond mere trend status, maintaining all facial hair should have become an important step in your grooming regimen. Keep your mustaches tame above the upper lip and pay attention to the details of your beard. Keeping unwanted neck hair at bay is also essential.

Essential Fragrances

Finding a signature scent is as crucial as a well-tailored outfit. Perfumes have become an essential accessory and play an important role in defining your personality. Moreover, it has been proven that a man who smells good becomes all the more attractive. However, that being said, don’t spray the whole bottle on the way out, the idea is to use colognes, aftershaves or perfumes to top it off. So find a blend or two that you like and use them sparingly.

Now that you’ve hopefully checked off the checklist, you can head out for Valentine’s Day.

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