The ‘Love Mocktail 2’ team organizes a date for Valentine’s Day with the fans | News from the movie Kannada


As promised, Darling Krishna is here with a super exciting update. The actor-filmmaker had recently shared that the theatrical release date of “Love Mocktail 2”, his new labor of love, would be made public on December 18, and causing no disappointment, he presented the update just right. on time. The long-awaited sequel will hit theaters on February 11, 2022 to mark a special Valentine’s Day rendezvous with their fans.

“We had finished shooting the movie a long time ago and cleared the censors in October, so it was a little frustrating not to release. The original plan was to release it in December, but given the number of releases this this month we have chosen February 11th to be the most suitable date.In addition, Valentine’s Day has turned out to be a special occasion for both of us (Milana Nagaraj and himself), so I am happy that the film comes out this very weekend, “shares Darling Krishna.

And to think that the duo weren’t planning on making a sequel, let alone one that’s surrounded by so much excitement today, it’s quite remarkable how far the first installment took them. Having decided to control their own future, Krishna and Milana Nagaraj decided to produce ‘Love Mocktail’ in 2020 on a modest budget which mainly included their own personal savings. The film’s unprecedented success, thanks to its highly relevant subject matter, not only put them on the map, but also gave them the faith to curate more content on their own that commands bigger budgets.

“We never imagined that a sequel would ever be considered when we were doing ‘Love Mocktail’. I remember during the climax of part one a lot of viewers thought there was more to the movie and It wasn’t until the title cards started rolling and they read “A Darling Krishna Movie” on the screen that they got up from their seats and even posted this, many wondered if there was a sequel I guess that’s when the idea was seeded and about a month after the release Milana and I were discussing it and I said “why not ! ”to that. At first she wasn’t very confident about the prospects as the story ended there in that graveyard in ‘Love Mocktail’ but as we started to discuss the sequel we saw that the possibilities were surely there. And then it was about developing it and by the time I found the perfect climax for the su ite, we knew we had a film in our hands, ”adds Krishna.

In “Love Mocktail 2” Rachel David will play the female lead role with Milana Nagaraj and Darling Krishna reprising their roles (also as producers and writers). Darling Krishna returns to directing for this film and Nakul Abhyankar takes over as music composer. Sri Crazymindzz manages both the editing and the cinematography.


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