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Love is in the air before Valentine’s Day and for some that means going out for a fancy dinner and exchanging a personalized gift or two and maybe some candy. For others, the holidays mark their annual high for most eye rolls in a day.

Romance isn’t a common theme at most sporting events, unless you’re on the kiss camera. If you’re an enthusiastic fan, you’ll likely spend the game applauding one team’s successes and loudly cheering on the death of their opponent. Not too romantic, is it?

However, one feature of any game that can unite fans of all stripes is an adorable and visually appealing mascot. That being said, here are some of the most attractive mascots you could possibly lay your eyes on.

Photo by USA Today

Otto the Orange

The Syracuse University mascot is frankly one of the cutest of the bunch. Otto proves that you don’t have to be skinny to look great; all you need is a pair of big, soft hands and a shy but sincere smile.

Although he’s a fictional character, you don’t need to feel too weird calling Otto attractive because his human features are on display. Girls might like him because he has a father body. Guys might like it because it looks like a… well, never mind.

Photo from the Portland Tribune

Dillon T. Pickle

Mr. Pickle, as we’ll call him, is the mascot of the Portland Pickles, a summer college baseball team in Portland, Oregon. He’s like the 18-year-old who just joined Tinder because he’s not afraid to let inhibitions stop him, and the Pickles are a relatively new franchise. How can a mascot not be afraid to let it all hang out?

Well, that answer lies in a situation where Mr. Pickle took over the Pickles’ Instagram account for a day, specifically on January 12. After releasing expected light and family content, Dillon apparently couldn’t keep it. PG for much longer and tweeted this photo, which was inexplicably hot by mascot standards. If you’re looking for a young, popular mascot who isn’t afraid to get spicy, Dillon T. Pickle is your man.

Photo of Bovinemke on Instagram

Bo Vine

This selection might seem a bit skewed, given that Bo Vine is the mascot for the Milwaukee Milkmen, an independent minor league baseball team I interned for in the summer of 2021, but that’s simply a boat trip. ‘love. This bull, sporting a Milkmen uniform with “2%” on the back as a nod to the team, might be just what you’re looking for. Seductive smile? Check. Big muscles? Check. Good with children? Check. Not afraid to dance? You guessed it.

If that’s not enough, Bo Vine has been known to show his flirtatious side between the sleeves, frequently handing a phone to a pretty young woman and motioning for her to call him later. Since he rides on a hoverboard throughout the game, you can rest assured that he rides in style. (will add pictures)

Kansas City Star photo


If you’re looking for a sugar daddy for Valentine’s Day, Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr may be the answer to your prayer. He knows he’s hot stuff, based on his strut and hairstyle. Plus, he wears a crown to show off his royalty, so make a date with Sluggerrr and you might just feel like the next Meghan Markle.

The Royals won the World Series in 2016, so Sluggerrr may be able to recycle his championship ring. The best part? He even lists his relationship status as ‘on the prowl’ on his bio page.


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