The best candy and food gifts for Valentine’s Day of 2021


Valentine’s Day gifts can be as drastic or as simple as you want – a classic Valentine’s Day gift idea is, of course, candy and chocolate. Why? On the one hand, comfort. After all, your Valentine might find solace in good food. And comfort food – chocolate, candy, and yes, a Chicago hot dog – is how you can help transport your loved ones to places or times they might enjoy visiting right now.

If your loved ones have a sweet tooth, send them a little party in a box – ship ice cream from Florida, wild blueberry jam from Maine, and licorice chocolate from Iceland. To help you find unique candy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a list of artfully crafted chocolate, candy and dessert gift boxes collections, so decadent you’ll want to order a box for yourself as well. -same.

Best chocolate and candy gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021:

1. Urban Stems Like You A Latte

What could be better than tasting delicious chocolates on Valentine’s Day? Eat hand-painted pink, white and orange chocolates and own an adorable heart-shaped Hoya succulent planted in a ceramic pot. Flower delivery service Urban Stems has teamed up with Austin chocolate maker Maggie Louise Confections to create the ‘Like You A Latte’ set, consisting of six milk, dark and white chocolates in the shape of slats, oranges and rainbows. If your Valentine is not a vegan, rest easy. The Hoya requires minimal maintenance and indirect light, making it a useful houseplant for those who live in an area with gloomy winters.

2. Inexpensive sweets for Valentine’s Day CandyCare Pack

When shopping for Valentine’s Day, consider supporting small businesses, like Economy Candy, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and in business since 1937. Their massive five-pound CandyCare gift box is filled with themed candy. Valentine’s Day celebrations from well-known brands including Jelly Belly, Pop Rocks, PEZ, Red Hots, Ring Pop and Fun Dip. There are also classic V-Day candies like conversation hearts, chocolate roses, and lips, plus a white and red canvas tote to store their treats.

3. Sugarfina XOXO 3-piece bento box

Sugarfina is all about the pleasure of the eyes. Confectionery is nestled in transparent plastic boxes, which you don’t have to wait for an emergency to break. The XOXO 3-Piece Bento Box takes the best alcoholic parts of Valentine’s Day and distils them into alcohol-free candies, like these Dom Perignon-based champagne gelatin bears. There are also pink, sugar-coated candies in the shape of lips tucked away alongside sea salt and dark chocolate-coated caramels.

4. Kreuther artisan chocolate chef selections

If it is not possible to dine at a Michelin starred restaurant this Valentine’s Day, consider ordering this 24 piece chocolate collection created by two Michelin star chef Gabriel Kreuther and Marc Aumont, the executive pastry chef and master chocolatier. by Kreuther Chocolate. The two experts selected everything from Tahitian vanilla, gingerbread and salted butter caramel to Mexican hot chocolate, oatmeal cookies and French baguette.

5. OmNom Grand! Lakkris + Sea Salt Chocolate

A bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Reykjavik, Iceland, OmNom Chocolate balances crunchy, creamy textures with unexpected herbs and salty bits. Great! Lakkris has a cute ribbon of licorice flavor that is highlighted by sea salt, making it a great Valentine’s Day gift for those who love licorice. Just as black liquorice lovers will be drawn to the Lakkris bar, javaheads will love the mocha notes of the Coffee and Milk bar and white chocolate fans should grab the Spiced White and Caramel bar, which smells of orange and cinnamon and is topped with a caramel crunch.

6. Batch work from home power supply

Your Valentine would need a little helping hand to get through an onslaught of Zoom meetings and the daily grind. Batch has created a trio of gift-worthy treats artfully arranged in crumpled paper. They can start their day with a medium to dark roast coffee, then break up an afternoon square with 67% cocoa chocolate from Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co. with hints of hazelnut butter and molasses and wrapping. inspired by Willy Wonka. Before a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner together, they can also enjoy a crunchy and flavorful treat with coffee-soaked sprouted almonds from Diane’s Kitchen.

7. Christopher Elbow Signature Chocolate Collection 36 pieces

A full color palette, from greens and yellows to blues and golds, and intricate designs make Christopher Elbow Chocolates – featuring 36 colorful cocoa butter candies – almost too pretty to eat. Almost. The 36-piece Signature Chocolate Collection, neatly stored in a white box wrapped in a brown satin bow, features bursts of herbal infused caramel, refreshing bites of lemon and a splash of champagne with champagne from the chocolate maker based in Kansas City, Missouri. An accompanying flavor guide lets you know what to expect when you bite into one of the tiny edible works of art.

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