Suggest Special Day 2018: 10 romantic ideas to help you confess your love


Happy couples in love would agree that they don’t really need a day to celebrate the love and commitment they have for each other. Celebrated on February 8, this day is important, especially if you plan to declare your love to the person you are absolutely passionate about. While planning the perfect date, gifting her a beautiful bouquet of roses, and asking her the question might be all too common, here are some unique yet romantic ideas on how to propose to someone special.

Here are 10 people who have simply outdone themselves – sometimes taking four years or breaking the law to even endanger their lives (don’t ask us what that means, but women love daredevils, so that’s okay) – by asking to their partners to marry them.

The one with the 365 days proposal

What you might call serious perseverance, Dean has proposed to his girlfriend Jennifer every day for an entire year, without her knowing it is 365 times. That’s until she finally does, and her reaction is priceless. Watch the video here:

Dave’s accelerator proposal

When it comes to cute cheesy proposals, this proposal is exponentially more cheesy than the rest. Dave Mosher – whose then girlfriend Kendra was a science writer – asked a physicist friend of his to contact her, claiming he had the inside story on a “rare crystalline deposit” found as a residue of experiments in the realistic heavy ion collider at the Brookhaven National Laboratory – in layman’s terms, a particle accelerator. Dave drove Kendra into the accelerator, in which – to her surprise – she found a crystalline deposit, with a ring attached to it. Watch the video here:

When the guy falls off the building

While this proposal could have gone wrong, it really didn’t and ended up with something quite wonderful. Thanks to the careful planning of John and his friends, Brooke, John’s girlfriend had no idea what the biggest scare of his life would lead to. When John has lost his balance trying to grab the proposing ring his friend threw in his direction, Brooke rushes to the edge of the patio. There, she finds him, bouncing on a trampoline, very alive, and asking the question. Watch the video here:

Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Flash mobs like marriage proposals have become commonplace, this proposal will make you wonder about its framework. There are no fancy shopping malls, amusement parks or picturesque places. Spencer Stout proposed to her boyfriend Dustin at a Home Depot in Salt Lake City, United States. The Home Depot played a catalytic role in bringing Spencer and Dustin together, as this is where Dustin took Spencer after their first date to show him the materials he used for his home improvement projects for his home in Los Angeles. Spencer took three months to perfect every aspect of his proposal plan before finally putting on the show and producing the ring. Watch the video here:

The White House proposal

United States Marine Corps Captain Matthew Phelps proposed marriage to his White House boyfriend and became the first gay man to do so. And if you’re wondering why the White House is, then this is where Phelps first met Ben Schock – at the LGBT Pride Month reception. According to the Huffington Post, “When we received an invitation from the Military Partners and Families Coalition to attend the White House Holiday Tour, it was a coincidence that it would be the sixth anniversary of our first date – and also to the White House – was too big not to capitalize.

Captain Matthew Phelps and Ben Schock at the White House. (Source: YouTube)

Epic marriage proposal from 26 countries, 4 years in the works

Jack Hyer had asked his girlfriend to marry him for four long years before collecting all his clips from 26 different countries to propose to him. And the much needed reaction video was added later as well. Watch the video here:

Live lip-dub proposal

Isaac Lamb proposed to Amy Frankel in the most theatrical way possible. He enlisted the help of over 60 family and friends who appeared in his choreographed lip-dub proposal to the tune of “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Watch the video here:

The biker who stopped traffic and broke the law for love

Hector “Tank” Martinez rounded up some 300 of his biker “brothers” and halted traffic on one of Los Angeles’ busiest streets to propose to his longtime girlfriend Paige. Martinez made sure the motorcycles gave off pink exhaust gases to suit the occasion. In case you were wondering, no charges have been laid against Martinez and his criminal partners (in this case literally). Watch the video here:

The one with the meme proposal

Timothy Tiah knew that Audrey loved the “9Gag / Reddit kind of stuff.” An idea crossed his mind in which he visualized a meme that read “Shorty (Audrey) YU No Marry Me?” He decided to share their story in the form of viral internet memes. Watch the video here:

The long exhibition proposal

When North Carolina-based photographer Derek Childress proposed to his girlfriend Emily, it was “perfectly timed.” Well it had to be, considering it was a long time lapse video (shot over three nights) of her message in lights. The final image consisted of approximately 800 individual 10-second exposures. Watch Derek as he works on his labor of love (romance is in the puns) here. Watch the video here:

Light writing proposal from Derick Childress on Vimeo.

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