Strive Jack-O Valentine DLC trailer reveals release date


The arc system works announced their next DLC character for Guilty Gear will be the returning character Jack-O Valentine. It will be released at the end of the month.

Just before the start of the North American Top 8 Guilty Gear To EVO 2021, Jack-O Valentine was introduced as the second character added to the roster, bringing the total number of characters to 17. She joins the recently released newcomer to the series. Goldlewis Dickinson in the Season Pass, which will also include another character released in 2021. The last two characters from the Pass along with new milestones and story content will arrive in 2022. Jack-O was first introduced as playable character in Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- and plays a central role in the story mode of this game as well as Guilty Gear.

As explained in its official description, Jack-O is an AI construct that contains the consciousness of Aria Hale, Sol Badguy’s lover. In her trailer, Jack-O showed off her moveset and while many of her normal buttons and movements are the same, her primary playstyle appears to have been heavily altered from when she was last playable.


Image via Arc System Works

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In Developer, Jack-O has a style of play that involves placing houses that would spawn minions similar to a tower defense game. These minions could attack the opponent from the air, the ground and from a distance depending on the type of minion they were. She could also take a stance that would allow her to do things like upgrade her minions, detonate them, and give her a shield. All these characteristics have made her one of the most unique characters introduced in the long line of fighting games.

From the brief look we got from her in Aspire, it looks like Jack-O will no longer be placing houses, but instead will be forced to personally summon each minion. She will also be able to punch the minions to send them flying across the stage and appears to be able to give them orders. Arc System Works will be releasing a video giving a more in-depth look at the character and his new list of moves in the near future, so we’ll have to wait to get a full look at the character.

Guilty Gear is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Jack-O Valentine will be released on August 27 for Season Pass holders and will be available to everyone on August 30. Check out the video for the Jack-O Valentine trailer below:

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