Stranger Things 4 trailer, release date and episode titles revealed


On November 6, 1983, Will Beyers disappeared into the Upside Down, kicking off the first season of Strange things. The 2016 series managed to tell a fantastic story injected with all kinds of 1980s nostalgia.

Since then, there have been two more seasons of the show. Stranger things 2 was a little disappointing, but Stranger things 3 was a wonderful comeback. It also led to what appeared to be an endless wait for a fourth season. This week, however, Netflix promised to give us some solid information on Stranger Things 4the exit while to announce November 6 will be Stranger Things Day.

Sure enough, this Saturday brought us a ton of new information, including how I was completely wrong about my prediction of a February release to coincide with a Valentine-themed story. It appears that Stranger Things 4 will take place during spring break. But before you get too excited for a spring release, it’s been revealed that the series itself won’t debut until summer 2022.

Don’t let that bore you too much, however. We’ve waited that long already, so a few more months isn’t too bad. Plus, we’ve got a brand new trailer and episode titles to dissect. Let’s start with the first one before moving on to the second.

It appears that Elle moved to California with the Byers despite being bullied at school. Will also appears to be doing fine, although Johnathan appears to be self-medicating a bit. It doesn’t matter, however, that Elle’s statement about making lots of new friends is accompanied by a classmate who totally gives her the cold shoulder.

Stranger Things 4

Although she is adjusting to life on the West Coast, Elle tells Mike in a letter that she can’t wait to see him during the next spring break. After ominously predicting that their reunion would be “the best spring break ever,” we are treated to a montage of violent / frightening images.

Stranger Things 4

Suffice it to say, Elle’s return to Indiana appears to include threats from both government and interdimensional variety. We’re also getting a very clear indication that the justified plot buff Murray Bauman will play a major role in the coming season.

In addition to all the new images, foreigner 4The episode titles of have been revealed, which you can watch / read below.

  • Hellfire Club
  • The curse of Vecna
  • The monster and the superhero
  • Dear Billy
  • The Nina project
  • Diving
  • The Hawkins Lab Massacre
  • Dad
  • Piggyback

As a comic book site specializing in X-Men news, we are obviously very excited / intrigued by the Hellfire Club reference. I’m also assuming that ‘The Massacre at Hawkins Lab’ will contain a good chunk of the footage from the new trailer.

‘Billy’ will likely be an episode that centers around Max coming to terms with his brother’s death, which will be even more difficult since he passed away in a way that must be kept a secret from the public.

As for ‘daddy’, I don’t think we’ll see Martin brennerthe return, at least in the present. My prediction is that the episode will be another flashback to Elle’s time in Hawkins National Laboratory – even if I have already proved in this same article why my predictions are not necessarily a safe bet.

Speaking of predictions, feel free to leave yours in the comments. There’s plenty of time for some fun speculation before Stranger Things 4 finally debuts this summer.

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