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Go on dates, hold hands and if the couple are lucky enough, they might end the night with a kiss. These moments are rarities while maintaining social distancing orders, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, this year will be different than it has ever been before. These date ideas will keep the romance alive during the season of romance and provide couples with more secure celebration options.

Organize a movie marathon

Grab some snacks, pillows, and blankets and get ready for a cozy night’s sleep pretending to be in a movie theater. Line up an arrangement of films and snuggle together.

Prepare a romantic meal

Find the perfect recipes, gather the ingredients, and get that special someone to mess around with in the kitchen. Maybe a couple will end the evening with a dream dinner and a combination of desserts or a fun mess to clean up later in the kitchen. Either way, it allows everyone and their partner to come together and bond through food.

A popular trend on TikTok is to plan a four-course meal on the fly. Each partner plays four rounds of paper scissors to decide where to go for drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert. The winner of the first round chooses the drinks, the winner of the second round chooses the appetizers and so on. This fun challenge will keep everyone full while spending quality time together.

Have a spa night

Complete with masks, bathrobes and relaxation, spend the evening pampering and pampering yourself while focusing on personal care. Light some candles and establish a skincare routine that will give each couple glowing skin.

Recreate the first meeting

Go back to the beginning of the relationship, think about the first dates and recreate them at home. Each person can find the outfit they wore or match it to their best abilities and find ways to remake what the first date was like from home. Relight the butterflies from the start and smell them again like it’s the first time.

Take a long drive

Take the time to plan a long scenic drive together. Find the roads less traveled, pack the essentials needed for the trip, and get lost together. Create a playlist, sing along, and admire the beauty flowing inside and outside the car.

Even though this Valentine’s Day looks different because of COVID-19, there are still fun and safe ways to get to creative dates you might not have considered before the pandemic. Home stay rules may limit some romantic date ideas, but the most important part of Valentine’s Day is that each person celebrates their partner and relationship.

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