Sexy Date Night Perfumes Perfect for Valentine’s Day


Are you looking for a romantic and sexy perfume for your Valentine’s Day party? These distinct scents are just the sultry scents to get you in the mood. Ranging from feminine and sweet scents to downright sensual fragrances, we list a variety of scents for you to try.

1. The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist
Image credit: The Body Shop India

1,295 rupees for 100ml

A woodsy version of jasmine, this warm, romantic scent has those white floral notes with a smoky quality, thanks to the sandalwood it contains. Although saffron or vanilla aren’t listed in the notes, it definitely smells a bit like one of them. Unlike heady jasmine scents, it’s quite wearable yet sensual, ideal for a special evening.

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2. Moi By Nykaa Mini Pocket Perfume – Love

Moi By Nykaa Mini Pocket Perfume - Love
Image credit: Nykaa

Rs 249 for 16ml

An intense scent of jasmine, perfect for a glamorous evening. Not soft, it’s downright adult and sexy. The white flowers are not light or bright like a fresh garden. They are more like the smell of jasmine oil mixed with frankincense on a sultry summer evening. So if you love that exotic vibe, this is the scent for you.

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3. Zara Nude Bouquet Eau De Parfum

Zara Nude Bouquet Eau De Parfum
Image credit: Zara India

Rs 1,490 for 100ml

A true romantic blue scent, it contains hints of cherry, peony and vanilla, but actually smells of a citrus floral scent with a hint of fruit. It is a whole bouquet of flowers, with notes of lotus and honeysuckle, and has a certain luminosity, thanks to the presence of bergamot. Sandalwood and vanilla, however, give it a powdery touch that dilutes the floral intensity and gives it a clean smell. So it makes you smell good without looking like you’re wearing too strong a scent. That’s why it’s such a good harmless nighttime scent for those who want something feminine and pretty.

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4. Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Body Spray & Mist

Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Body Spray & Mist
Image credit: Bath & Body Works India

Rs 1,499 for 236ml

When you first vape this, it tastes like the usual sweet berry scent, courtesy of blackberry and bergamot. But there’s a depth and richness to it that makes it sweetly alluring. The notes of incense, amber, rose and vanilla make it quite smoky, although there is also a cold freshness due to the notes of musk and vetiver. If you like a dark, sweet scent, this is something you’ll love, and is sure to get lots of compliments!

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5. Forest Essentials Nargis Body Mist

Forest Essentials Nargis Body Mist
Image credit: Forest Essentials India

Rs 1,050 for 50ml

A refreshing blend of green notes and heady narcissus, this yellow floral scent is sweet and sparkling, yet unusual and complex. It has the heady notes associated with narcissus, but sprinkled with a bright touch of fresh leaf notes, which give it a rather delicate, flower-like smell. There’s nothing that says romantic like that desi smell!

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6. Isak Crimson Oudh Eau De Parfum

Isak Crimson Oudh Eau De Parfum
Image credit: Isak Fragrances

1,650 rupees for 50ml

Oudh perfumes are not for the faint-hearted, and this is no exception. It’s opulent and evocative of bygone eras. The velvety scent is a deep, dark blend of saffron, oud, sandalwood, tobacco, amber and musk, making it a bit bittersweet and smoky. Needless to say, this is downright smoldering and not trying to look all that cute. Plus, it lasts forever on the skin!

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seven. Sugandhco Naira EDP

Sugandhco Naira EDP
Image credit: Scentkart

Rs 440 for 50ml

A delicious blend of gourmand notes, it’s just the sweet, rich scent that fans of edible flavors will love. It has rich notes of caramel, tonka beans, cocoa and honey to make it soft, as well as powdery notes of lilac, vanilla and musk to give it a fresh and fresh touch. If there is a delightfully inviting scent, this is it!

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Now that you have an array of options to choose from, go all out for a date night!

Main image credit: Yash Raj Films, iStock Photo


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