Romantic ideas to sweep your Valentine off her feet


LOVE – divine energy, which transforms you into your best self. Although to confess these trippy feelings of God, you are not tied to days or weeks, but getting a whole month a year for it, is a precious gift if we believe it. And we call it FEBRUARY, a season of love in reference to Valentine’s Day – a day we can call “Official Proposal Day”.

So make it more special for you guys I’m here to push your limited canvas of ideas by suggesting more insanely exciting ideas to sweep your valentine off their feet.

The mysterious girl that she is


We say of images that they are great revealers, demonstrators of what we feel for the other. Even in the form of a plastic sheet, it shows expressions ”.

What’s the idea?

  • Get a pic of her and she must be clicked in a DSLR.
  • Bring it to the nearby print studio and if not, Sector 17 is your spot across from Canara Bank. Tell them to make it into a structure 8 feet long and 6 feet wide (or whatever you want it to be) in the shape of a puzzle like you can rearrange it in front of it. If she doesn’t like being social then this is surely your way to go.
  • Just watch the following video:

Surprise her. Announce your love

Is your daughter a social butterfly and does she like the limelight? If so, this one is for you …

What’s the idea?

arrange this center of the university area with flowers, kids with little gifts in their hands like bow tongs, little letters written by you and whatever makes her feel super special. As soon as she enters the place, light the party poppers, cover her with flowers, the kids start presenting these gifts to her and don’t forget the background music or if your pocket allows, organize voilen artists . This will give her butterflies in her stomach for sure. And then ask it out loud or write on a large card:

“Do you want to be my Valentine?”

You must have told his friends beforehand to cheer him up to say “YES” (to avoid nonsense). This will convince her badly. Maybe it seems like a cliché thing, but believe me, it will make her feel on top of the world!

A perfect date in the middle of serenity

If you want your confession to be a private matter, take it to Tikkar Tal, Morni Hills, located at an elevation of 300 feet, just 45 km from Chandigarh.

What’s the idea?

Set up a table there with some of his favorite foods, champagne and soft music, but all this activity needs to be organized for an evening where you can watch the sunset. It is absolutely refreshing; next to it there is a waterfall and small log cabins that will add some sparkle to your quality time.

Build the excitement

Don’t let this get you down, we have a more rejuvenating place for you – Kasauli! More than a century old hill station, Kasauli is 50 km from Chandigarh and can help you refine his feelings for you.

What’s the idea? The operating mode is

Pick it up there, stop your vehicle, get out of it, have some snacks or whatever can be eaten while walking. Here your story moves, go for a walk in the middle of pine and oak forests, in a beautiful beauty of nature, put her at ease and express yourself how crazy you are for her …
* Tell him how you feel when you don’t receive a text from him
* How her “hmmm” responses annoy you about the fear of the end of the conversation, even
* How she stood up for you sometimes, even when the family didn’t
* How her “last visit” and her dp make you call her and ask her “is she okay?” ”
* How do you ask her friend “Does she like someone?” “
* How you become more aware, do nautical when she has her period because you can’t even afford a single “no smile” on her face.
* Tell him everything to make him believe … “You are his only Valentine”

These silent and calming kasauli alleys will allow you and her to realize each other’s hearts.


Something different, Wakhra swag

If you share a great link with her and want to feature her in your wakhra booty
Organize a CAMEL because the horse is boring now.


What’s the idea?

For this arrangement, you must go to sector 10, in front of the exit of Emerge. In addition, the camel has a large size which makes you match your scale to it when you face it. After the camel arrangement, sit down and grab her in the middle of her busy schedule at home, call her up and say… ‘until ana ‘

She must be confused and would ask, “What? “
Take a deep breath and say thinly
‘Come upstairs I said’
And when she’s upstairs or on the terrace
She will see “a man on a camel with a big helium balloon in his hands, writing (on the balloon):

I’m your biggest fan, your lovely wife.
Can I have you as an autograph for the rest of my life?

What to say ?

Does she like TO TRAVEL?

And she’s a travel freak if you think, without a second thought, take her to the CHAKKI MAUD!


What’s the idea?

35 kms from Chandigarh and it is a place made for trekking. Get there, park your car at the side of the road, buckle up with trekking suits and that little trip to the end point of the river would make her realize how much you care about her during the uncertainties, how you treat it when you don’t have normal blood pressure. All of these behaviors would have an impact on her response when, by the river, you propose her on her knees. Like how good you can be with her even in bad times.

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