Practical gifts for Valentine’s Day




Valentine’s Day isn’t usually associated with giving away practical gifts – it’s an occasion generally seen as the time to get big (jewelry!), Sexy (lingerie!), Or indulgent (chocolate and red wine!) . But this Valentine’s Day, you might want to focus on function over whimsy and buy a gift for your sweetheart that they’ll appreciate all year round.

Of course, giving a practical gift can be tricky, especially on a holiday associated with romance. But done right, a practical gift strikes the happy medium of items that are useful while still feeling special.

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You’ve probably seen this cute pink casserole dish everywhere (we also love it in this vibrant red color); we tried it and loved it ourselves. The Always Pan can replace a whopping eight cooking appliances. Pair it with a virtual cooking class from Sur La Table for a socially distant date night. (We also suggest adding the brand’s Spruce Steamer for perfectly prepared dumplings, veggies and more.)

Tushy Classic Bidet

If you haven’t taken the bidet yet, the Tushy can be a wonderful gift indeed. Our editors loved the basic bidet, the Tushy Classic, but for those who live in colder climates, the Tushy Spa may be a better choice as it offers a hot water wash option. For a few extra bells and whistles, you can also splurge on the slightly upgraded Tushy Classic 3.0 ($ 99, originally $ 129;

Pom Pom At Home Oversized Trestle Throw

If you are half a couple who love to snuggle up on the sofa, a lovely oversized blanket is a wonderful gift idea. The pale pink color is a cute nod to Valentine’s Day that will work all year round in almost any room. And sharing a blanket on a cold night gives you a great excuse to get close to your honey – after all, the saying is “Netflix and cold”, not “Netflix and cold”.

DellCoveSpices Gourmet Popcorn

Great popcorn makes another great Valentine’s Day gift for moviegoers. DellCoveSpices offers tons of delicious varieties of specialty popcorn. Add a set of gourmet seasonings with flavors like salt and vinegar, chocolate caramel and classic butter to spice up the gift.

Sip Sip Rose Parade tumbler with straw

Roses are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift that offer plenty of options when you think outside of the bouquet. Rose-scented products like bubble bath or body lotion are a solution, but the scent can be tricky when it comes to gifts. Unless you’re absolutely sure that your Valentine’s Day likes floral notes, you’d better go for a gift that features a rose pattern or design, like this reusable water tumbler in a really pretty rose pattern. pink and blue.

Zimasilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

A deluxe upgrade is a great way to turn a mundane-looking item into a jaw-dropping gift. For example, pillow cases are not particularly on offer, but silk pillow cases are. Besides being ultra glamorous, silk pillowcases are also a practical investment – they are gentler on your hair and skin than their cotton counterparts because they dry less. These silk pillowcases come in six sizes and 36 different colors, including red.

Hamilton Beach Digital Food Dehydrator

As working from home becomes a more common part of our working life, a new challenge has arisen: we need snacks. We’re out of office snack stations to graze on, and those midday runs to newsstands and convenience stores aren’t as likely to happen when you’re working from home. A food dehydrator solves this snacking problem at home and is a fun hobby to boot. This is a great gift for the person who loves jerky and wants to make their own, or for someone who enjoys munching on fruit leather at Zoom meetings.

Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother

Another staple of office life that has come by the wayside for many people is stopping coffee. If your sweetheart missed their morning triple espresso or afternoon vanilla latte, a gift of good coffee, flavored syrups, and a milk frother will give them the solution they’re lacking.

KitchenAid Cordless Chopper

We love to give a small kitchen appliance as a gift. Small home appliances like air fryers and breakfast sandwich makers offer a range of prices, features, and colors – for Valentine’s Day red, rose gold, or rose is a choice obvious. This red chopper is a favorite with meal prep experts, but if it’s too risky (get it ?!), a heart-shaped waffle iron is another great choice.

Zadro Deluxe Bucket Style Towel Warmer

Do you know what’s even better than a warm hug? A warm towel. A towel warmer looks like such a luxury, but it turns out it’s a pretty affordable luxury. This bucket style stove can simply be plugged into an existing wall outlet.

Omystyle Complete Bath Pillow

A spa pillow is another luxury bathroom upgrade that won’t break the bank. Forget about bath bombs and salts – if your loved one enjoys a relaxing bath, this full body padded bath mat with attached bath pillow to cradle neck and head while bathing will bring the experience to life. a whole new level.

Cabepow long iPhone charger cord

An extra-long phone charging cord is one of those things that, once you have one, you won’t know how you’ve lived without. The Cabepow 10ft Charging Cord comes in red and pink, transforming it from a mundane tech accessory to an appropriate holiday gift that also comes in handy.

Brother P-Touch PC Connectable Label Maker

The trick to making a gift label maker is to do something that we usually don’t do with other people’s gifts: open it and use it before giving it away. Why? Because you’ll want to use the device to make your main card into a homemade card. If you really want to take it up a notch, plan a couple activity using the label maker; partners with a fun addiction can see who can find the most absurd things to tag (hint: tag the dog or the tag maker!), while a more competitive couple can set a timer and fight for the most part labeled items in 10 minutes.



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