Outlander Season 6 Trailer Gets Political, Teases Release Date


Foreigner has always been, among many other things, a political show, even if fans don’t think of it that way. While the later seasons of the Starz series have (mostly uncritically) plunged into storylines in which the series’ white main characters aren’t easily identifiable heroes, Season 6 is about to bring ForeignerClaire and Jaime are returning more firmly to the “right” side of history (or, you know, hopefully… pull yourself together, Jamie!) With the outbreak of the War of Independence in Colonial America.

Starz just released the Foreigner Season 6 trailer as part of its New York celebrations. As the one-minute preview begins with photos of our favorite couples (as well as Roger and Brianna) looking at each other lovingly, the tension quickly builds. We see a man hammering a “Deny British Goods” notice on a rural notice board. “It’s starting,” said time traveler Claire. “A storm. The war. It’s almost here. (Watching monologues like this, you can sort of understand why the locals keep accusing Claire of being a witch.) Claire is of course talking about the War of Independence Watch it all below …

Revolutionary War as a central external conflict brings the series to a close in some ways; after all, Foreigner began life as a spectacle taking place primarily around the Jacobite Uprising of 1745, the Scottish struggle for independence from British colonization which did not end well for the Highlanders. While Foreigner never fully delved into its inherently political themes, notably the show’s first season hadn’t aired on UK TV before after the first referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, leading a lot to (apparently correctly?) theorize that the UK government was involved in the delay. Foreigner Season 6 will once again see the British colonizers as active antagonists.

Foreigner Season 6 will draw heavily on A breath of snow and ashes, the sixth volume of Foreigner series. The book runs from the beginning of 1773 to the end of 1776. The Revolutionary War officially began in 1775, but there were obviously tensions leading up to it, which means that much of the drama in Season 6 will focus on political unrest. Last year, Foreigner executive producer Ronald D. Moore said Collider of Season 6: “We’re in the New World, we’re in the American Colonies and the American Revolution is getting closer and closer, so it’s a big thing that’s going to move front and center as it goes.” and as we move forward into season 6. ”

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