Old-fashioned romantic ideas to try in the age of technology


It is the moment to slide to the right, to meet around a drink, and to take as it comes, to be very “chill out”. In the age of millennial digital relationships, is there really a time for old-fashioned romance? Flowers, chocolates, sipping wine, chivalry, waiting for the phone to ring with bated breath, then running to answer it, seem to be a thing of the past. But if people swear by these ideas, why not give technology a break and give it a try?

Go home with a surprise
It’s not a routine you have to adopt, just a unique case. Just show up at his house out of the blue and get something that makes sense for your relationship. of his favorite cookies or chips! Something cute, something nostalgic, and you’re right! Because, after all, who doesn’t like surprises?

Write a love letter

Not just cute little notes, a full-fledged love letter that he needs to take his time to read and savor. No short forms, please! On this emoji day, take the time to express your feelings and bring tears to her eyes! It’s often easy to forget that not everything has to be done by text message. Remember, and him, that simple things can create lasting impressions too! If you are feeling very creative that day, try writing a poem for him!

Walk home from a date
Forget about taxi apps, just pick a simple date for a movie and dinner, but come home afterwards. Pick a place to dine that, in terms of distance, isn’t a huge challenge! Talk sweet words on the way home, maybe the flowers you love the most, the classic songs or movies you love, or better yet, hum a few lines of the songs you both love! More stories are expected to come out overnight. This is how people really got to know each other.

Use candle light more often
This should not be the case only when you go to dinner in a fancy restaurant! Use it when the two of you are home and stay home more often. You can use it to eat a special meal you’ve cooked, or to set the mood with music and wine, or even set up a party game with the candles. With the romantic lighting and scents, you’ll have a fun evening to look forward to. In case the candles seem too tedious or difficult to handle, use a mixture of candles and string lights.

Slow dance
This one never fails! It’s as old as time, and tried and tested. Just turn on your favorite radio station or make a playlist ahead of time, without telling them what your plan is once you’ve finished a delicious meal at home. Okay, it doesn’t need to be baked, it might just be a pizza you ordered, because the best part of the night is yet to come: the intimate dancing. Trust us, go for it!

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