Not going out for Valentine’s Day? Buy these gifts for yourself instead


Somehow we did manage to get a Super Bowl in 2021, but on Valentine’s Day, well… add it to the list of big annual events that aren’t the same in these times of pandemic. You can get creative, sure, but the traditional outings – dinner, theater, maybe a romantic night out – are pretty much off the table.

Lining: think about the money you will save! In fact, if you find yourself flying solo this year, unable to bring someone special into town, why not treat yourself instead? Below, I’ve rounded up some awesome gifts for the most special person of all: you!

Cafe Gator

It’s time to ditch the pods and raise your coffee level. This cute little carafe makes just enough for one cup (description says “up to two”, but, come on, who drinks five ounces of coffee?).

Just put some grounds in the reusable steel filter, pour hot water over it and presto: a manner better cuppa joe than anything that ever came out of your Keurig.


True to its name, this tabletop game was designed for the single player. It’s rather unusual, but it’s also a kind of relief: if you’re between two important people right now, you can still enjoy an escape room style experience.

OK, this “room” comes in a box, but it’s a box designed by Neil Patrick Harris. And it’s really fun, good for at least a few hours of puzzle solving.

The comfortable

Look, if you’re going to be home alone, you might as well be warm and comfortable, right? Who will see you? The Comfy looks pretty silly no matter who’s wearing it, but, damn it, the thing is ridiculously warm and comfy. I like this version with the quarter zip collar.

Shelby Brown / CNET

I didn’t expect to like meal kits, but services like HelloFresh have converted me. I not only broadened my culinary horizons a bit (bahn mi bowls, who knew?), But I also learned a few tips about cooking.

HelloFresh is just one of the options available (see CNET’s roundup of the best meal kit delivery services), and while the minimum order is two meals per week, each with two servings, it’s still a. affordable alternative to take out – and who doesn’t love leftovers?

David Carnoy / CNET

When you want to sit back and really enjoy a piece of music, you want in-ear headphones with big drivers, comfortable ear cups, and active noise cancellation to cover up any ambient sound that might interfere with your enjoyment.

The Soundcore Q30 is a ridiculously popular and highly regarded headphone (it was on CNET’s list of the best headphones under $ 100), offering great sound and plenty of features at a very attractive price. Definitely worth a look if you are looking to take care of your ears.

Scott Stein / CNET

I’m not going to be silent about the Oculus Quest. It’s just an incredibly awesome VR headset, which requires no connection to a PC and offers some utterly amazing immersive experiences. Become the hero of a Star Wars story. Climb virtual mountains. Paint using a 3D canvas. Get in shape in mock boxing lessons.

If you splurge on one thing for yourself, do this. And unlike some other gaming systems right now, this is the one you can actually get. Read CNET’s Oculus Quest 2 review for more conviction.

This article first appeared earlier this week.

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