Mondelez Takes A Couple To The Metaverse For A Valentine’s Day Dinner


Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has surprised a young Indian couple by taking them to a Valentine’s Day dinner in the Metaverse, powered by Yug.

The Metaverse is an immersive virtual environment built on the blockchain where consumers can create 3D avatars of themselves, move like the real world, and are able to talk to other users and interact in the world. ‘environment.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk team, powered by Yug, have created a unique sci-fi inspired experience that appeals to their young audience. By choosing their avatars, the couple were able to move around and discover elements that made their Valentine’s Day fun and truly memorable.

Earlier, the brand’s Valentine’s Day campaign by Mondelez and team WPP (Ogilvy + Wavemaker) saw more than a million Indians use innovative first-ever AR technology to send secret messages to their loved ones .

For the Valentine’s Day campaign, Cadbury Silk had introduced real-time personalization to the augmented reality experience, allowing consumers to unlock a secret message sent by their loved one and view it in awe-inspiring way on any Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk advertisement.

Going a step further, consumers could also experience an immersive 360-degree virtual environment that literally took them to the moon. Using WebAR, consumers were able to enter a portal and walk around the Moon, where their secret message would be revealed in a romantic setting.

And then, in a campaign called ‘How far will you go to make them blush?’, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk decided to go higher and further than ever before. The team made Valentine’s Day super special for a young couple by inviting them to enjoy a dinner party in the Metaverse, the first ever in India.


Client: Mondelez India Foods

Creative agency: Ogilvy India

Media Agency: Wavemaker

Metavers: Yug Platform

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