Marvel Fans Noticed An Interesting Detail About ‘Fantastic Four’ Release Date


Image via 20th Century Fox

It was recently announced that the MCU will be facing a flurry of delays, affecting the release dates of several projects from the studio. Of all the movies that have been pushed back, fans are raising their eyebrows over the new release date for the next one. The Fantastic Four film.

Besides the fact that the next Marvel movie will continue the 10-year release schedule, fans are laughing at the fact that The Fantastic Four will be released on Valentine’s Day, having Dead Pool 3 revert to its original release date. Fans on social media found the change hilarious, they found the new release date somewhat funny and ironic.

Since The Fantastic Four will be released at the most romantic time of the year, some fans are predicting the approach the MCU could take to this film adaptation. Some also openly admitted that they would watch this movie on the day as part of their Valentine’s Day plans with their partner.

But despite the mockery, fans at r/MarvelStudios said the delays could be a good thing considering an official cast list hasn’t been announced. Fans think these delays are a perfect opportunity for Marvel Studios to take their time producing these films.

Marvel Studios faced project delays after BladeThe director, Bassam Tariq, left his position as director of the film, a few weeks before the start of filming.

Due to the delays, several other projects have had their schedules adjusted. One of the big changes was the release of the next Avengers movies – The Kang Dynasty and Secret Warsas there will be a six month gap between the releases.


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