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East Kelly machine gun tease a release date for Born with horns?

Tuesday, the rocker “Bloody Valentine” cryptically tweeted on “1-11-2022”, which was the date yesterday. Then he followed the one with “I’m spying on angel numbers and a sum of 9”.

“Angelic numbers” refers to the concept of sets of repeated numbers or patterns, such as 111. As for the “sum of 9” you will get it by adding the numbers together on January 11, 2022.

Given that January 11 passed without new MGK music, fans are speculating that the highly anticipated Born with horns, or at least one, would arrive on a date that would also meet the criteria of angelic numbers and the “sum of 9”.

Of course, it’s possible that Kelly is just trolling and fans get mad about nothing. Or maybe he just likes to tweet about numerology.

Kelly announced Born with horns last August alongside his first single, “Papercuts”. It will be produced again by Flashing-182‘s Travis Barker, who also worked with MGK on the 2020s Tickets for My Fall.

With Born with horns, Kelly plans to release a second album this year. His 2022 calendar also includes the headliner Bonnaroo.

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