Love is in the air: Blackpink’s Jisoo receives a shower of romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day, who’s the lucky one?


Check Out The Special Gifts Blackpink’s Jisoo Received On Valentine’s Day

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The Blackpink girls are undoubtedly the most loved and admired K-pop entertainment team we have in the world right now. All four girls have worked hard to establish their niche in the industry and it’s no wonder we are absolutely in love with them for everything they do. From their talent in music and dance to their sensational fashion quotient, they are all over the news and in the spotlight.

Among all the girls, if we had to choose one girl among them who has the most fans among men, it’s Jisoo. Countless men all over the world literally dream of this day and the opportunity to take Jisoo out on a date. Well, someone else might have had the opportunity and that person showered her with gifts as well. You want to know everything ? Take a look below –

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