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Holidays come early, thanks to Netflix! Not only does the streaming service have tons of new Christmas-themed movies on its lineup, but tons of other new original content as well.

Vanessa Hudgens is back as Stacy De Novo, Duchess Marguerite de Montenaro and Lady Fiona in The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star. But don’t worry, she’s not playing a fourth character this time around.

“I’m just going to crush this rumor now, this is not happening, no one has any hope for it,” said the Musical High School alum said Entertainment tonight in November 2020. “Three is my limit. It’s all my mental capacity can handle.

In the Princess switch The third installment of the franchise, Stacey and Margaret call on Fiona after “a priceless relic has been stolen”. Of course, there will be tons of romance involved!

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