Last minute hair tips for the Valentine’s Day date tonight

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and we’re sure by now you should have finalized your dress for the date and gathered the makeup essentials. Right now, many of you must be looking for last-minute touch-up options for your radiant skin and ways to bring light and health to highlights. You know what is the first thing you should do to prepare for an evening full of love, romance and glamour? You need to imbibe a routine today that focuses on clean skin, hair, and scalp, rather than one that just adds shine, because not all the glitter is no gold. Clelia Cecilia Angelon, Founder and CEO of Surya Brasil shares some valuable tips for a last minute hairstyle for tonight.

Hydrate to start

The other thing to start the last minute preparations for the big day is to moisturize your hair, but not with the help of chemicals and toxins. Instead, consider helping home remedies with truly natural hair care solutions. To revive the shine of the strands, it is advisable to regularly bathe the mask without rushing to wash off the mask. Keep the hair mask on until the recommended time for best results. Additionally, for those who color their hair, we recommend using a range of color-fixing products that include plant extracts from rich soils like India, Brazil, etc.

Natural ingredients, combined with Ayurvedic herbs, nourish hair from within for immediate shine and long-lasting benefits. Under no circumstances can you afford to suffer from hair breakage or scalp issues at this last moment. Therefore, ensure zero tolerance for chemical laden products for any purpose.

What if you changed your style?

Whether short or long, you can think of donning a new hairstyle for this occasion. Simply change your haircut or do a special hairstyle at a salon you trust. If you want more experience, you can even change your hair color, but this must strictly happen without changing your hair structure. All it needs is a touch of soft tones and something that leaves hair naturally shiny. Most importantly, don’t choose any hair color that is made with ammonia or any of its by-products – ethanolamine, triethanolamine, or diethanolamine.

The magic mantra

Regardless of the home remedy you adopt or the cosmetics you include in your skin and hair care regimen, it must also be supported by essential lifestyle actions. Therefore, drink as much water as possible and eat healthy fruits and vegetables, as they give our skin, hair and body all the health they need. The main nourishment is that which comes from within! Now, that might not be exclusive advice for tonight, but it’s definitely a good time to make it a V-Day resolution.

And last but not least, get some rest. Have a balanced sleep routine, it will affect the health of your skin and hair. A rested body has enough strength to keep your vitality glowing! The best way to prepare for the day is to be yourself and keep your body healthy. Lots of love!


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