International Kissing Day 2022 Date, Meaning and History: When is World Kissing Day? Everything you need to know about this special day


Happy International Kissing Day! Kisses play an important role in a relationship. From a gesture of greeting to an expression of love and care for your loved ones, it does it all. International Kissing Day 2022 will be celebrated on July 6, Wednesday. It is also known as World Kissing Day. The tradition that started in the UK has spread around the world and the kiss has become an important symbol of love and affection.

Kisses are not only popular among lovers, but it has become common practice to greet people with a kiss on the cheek. This tradition heralds the Old World and is practiced to this day. In Roman culture, kisses are known to be an important indicator of a person’s social status. While friendly kisses on the cheek and French kisses are commonly known to people, many other types of kisses can show your feelings to your partner, parents, elders, or anyone else you want to give a sweet kiss. Whether it’s an intimate kiss to your lover or a protective kiss on your younger brother’s forehead, International Kissing Day celebrates them all. From Spiderman Kiss to Strawberry Smooch, 8 Hottest Ways to Lock Lips With Your Partner.

When is World Kissing Day 2022?

International Kissing Day or World Kissing Day 2022 will be observed on July 6, Wednesday. The day celebrates the existence of kisses and the various acts related to kissing and expressing love to your loved ones. Don’t confuse it with Kissing Day, which is celebrated annually on Valentine’s Day week. It is usually observed one day before Valentine’s Day, i.e. February 13.

International Kissing Day 2022 Meaning and History

Kisses are meant to be the kindest and most active form of showing love to your partner. Apart from this, the International Kissing Day is celebrated to bring people together and enjoy the pleasures associated with kissing. To give some background, the practice of kissing comes from the Romans, who celebrated three forms of kissing – osculum (a kiss on the cheek), savium (greedy kisses of the mouth) and basium (soft kisses on the lips) . The practice of the “French kiss” began in France during World War I when American and British troops noticed that Celtic women enjoyed passionate kisses more than their own counterparts. It was then that the practice became widespread throughout the world.

It is obvious that you are showering kisses on your love partner this World Kissing Day by employing different types of these sweet gestures that will make them feel special and loved. Remember that International Kissing Day celebrates kissing someone with their consent and approval. Whether you want to kiss your partner or give your friends a friendly kiss, remember to take their permission and make the most of this beautiful day.

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