How to get free GTA Online Christmas presents: vehicles, weapons and more


The holiday season is back in Los Santos, which means GTA Online players can enjoy free gifts. So here’s what you need to know.

Since the launch of GTA Online in 2013, Rockstar Games has made a point of celebrating holidays and real-world events. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Independence Day, you can usually celebrate the day with other GTA fans.

It’s the same at Christmas, as snow falls on Los Santos and locals start to flaunt their decorations, making the city feel a little more festive.

On top of that, the developers are also offering free giveaways, but you’ll have to get involved with GTA Online to get them – you can’t just skip a trip to Los Santos and hope to benefit from it.

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GTA Online’s Christmas update has always been known as Festive Surprise.

GTA Online Christmas Rewards

In previous years, Rockstar Games has distributed everything from free clothes to free guns, and also made the re-supply of said guns free.

This year, they are raising the stakes a bit. If you log into GTA Online before December 29, you will be able to claim the Gallivanter Baller ST for free from Legendary Motorsport.

This means that once you’ve loaded into GTA Online, simply go to the Legendary Motorsport website from your phone or laptop, and add the SUV to one of your garages! Just make sure you have room for it, as you can claim more than one if you want.

  1. Log into GTA Online before December 29
  2. Open the Legendary Motorsport website
  3. Sort by cheapest price
  4. Select the Gallivanter Baller ST
  5. Add it to one of your properties!

In addition to the free luxury vehicle, Rockstar is also giving players a Festive Treatment Package to help them refuel.

This treatment package includes: a festive red t-shirt, a clownfish mask, a fireworks launcher (if you don’t have it already), 20 rounds, 25 sticky bombs and grenades, 10 proximity mines and molotov, as well as fully replenished snacks and armor.

As with the free car, you just need to log in before the new year and you will have the items in your inventory. So, enjoy the holidays and wreak havoc!


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