“How many superhero movies can you make?”


Director Roland Emmerich, whose new disaster epic moon fall turned out to be a box office dud, coupled with recent comments he made about superhero movies ruining the film industry.

In an interview with Discussing Film, Emmerich was asked his thoughts on releasing a non-IP big-budget film in theaters at a time when such projects were struggling to find audiences. “Well, it’s getting harder and harder,” he said. “I’m really not very happy about it. How many superhero movies can you make? They look like 7 or 8 Spider Man [films]? It’s just very boring for me, as a filmmaker. You don’t want to keep making the same movies over and over.

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Emmerich’s comments come shortly after he said in a recent interview that Marvel, DC Comics and the star wars The franchise is “kinda ruining our industry, because nobody’s doing anything original anymore.” The director, whose filmography includes stargate, Independence Day, Two days later and 2012added that he had “never found interest” in the comic book adaptations.

Emmerich’s disdain for superhero movies goes back many years, with the filmmaker stating in 2016, “When you watch my movies, it’s always the regular Joe Schmo who’s the unlikely hero. A lot of Marvel movies show people in funny costumes running around. I don’t like people with capes. I think it’s silly when someone puts on a superhero costume and flies. I don’t understand it.

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moon fallstarring Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson as two astronauts who must prevent the end of the world when the moon is sent on a collision course with Earth, bombed at the box office on its opening weekend – earning less than $10 million domestically against a budget of around $140 million.

Emmerich’s latest foray into the disaster genre sees a steep decline in its sophomore setting, with moon fall estimated at just $2.7 million in its second weekend in theaters. During this time, Spider-Man: No Coming Home continues to break box office records. As of this writing, the Marvel blockbuster is the sixth highest-grossing film in history with over $1.7 billion worldwide.

Emmerich isn’t the only filmmaker with a recent box office miss who has used the term “boring” to describe superhero movies. Following the 2021 release The last duelan adult-led medieval drama that wreaked theatrical havoc, director Ridley Scott used the phrase “fuckin’ boring as shit” when asked what he thought of the genre.

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