Hey pandas, what was your worst date like?


I always wondered what bad dates could become. As for my date that never happened, I would like to know what to expect and laugh like a sadistic comrade in the community, at the stories of others. I hope you can too.

It’s very recently: I met a guy on a dating site and after some basic back and forth, we agreed to meet. I went to introduce myself and shake his hand and he grabbed it and shoved it into his pants. In a busy parking lot.


Dated a guy I had met through one of my relatives. I had been told that he was a nice and “promising” young man. We went to the restaurant. He talked about himself and his problems all the time. I tried to move on to other topics, but he was like “no no, let me tell you”. In the end, he literally told me not to pin my hopes on a relationship with him, because he wanted his future girlfriend to have blue eyes and blonde hair, and I didn’t qualify (I’m a brunette with green eyes). I was in my early twenties, very young and precarious at the time, so that was pretty rude.


went on a date with a guy from tinder (first red flag) – we met in town for coffee and a walk. It was a hot spring Saturday so it was very busy (pleased). We had a coffee, walked and talked a bit. After a while, he started telling me about his criminal record. He was indicted for burglary, dangerous bodily harm and drug trafficking (second very red flag). I don’t know why I stayed but I stayed longer and he started talking about his “crazy ex girlfriend” (third) and how he had to hit her to shut her up. and I acted like I got a text and had to leave. He insisted on taking me back to my car (#4) I refused because I had a company car at the time with the loho and the address on the door and I didn’t want him know where I work. He then offered to come home with him to have sex. I again refused and left. He started following me saying “he shaved just for me”… (fifth red fleg) I’m glad the streets are full of people. I managed to cut it and leave but damn that dude was weird.


This was in the late 90s, before everyone had cell phones/social media. I was 19 years old. I went on a blind date with a guy once and we went to the movies. About 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave the house, he called me and told me he was going to need me to pick him up. Don’t ask me if I can, just tell me to. Then gives me his address which is about 30 minutes in the opposite direction from the cinema where we were supposed to meet. I was annoyed, but I picked it up anyway and we went to the movies. He insisted we see the only movie playing that I didn’t want to see. We were so late that by the time we had some popcorn and walked into the theater the movie was starting. We ended up having to sit in the green front row and he talked for the WHOLE movie about the naval training program he was in. After the movie he asked me if I wanted to have dinner at restaurant X. I said I didn’t mind having something to eat but could we go somewhere else because I worked at that restaurant and I didn’t want to going there on my night off. He insisted. So we went and he spent the entire meal talking endlessly about his naval training program, repeating himself and how awesome he was. Halfway through dessert, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and snuck out and left him there with the bill and to find his own vehicle back home. He called me back 6 months later and asked if I wanted to go out again and talk about all the good times we had had. I just hung up on him.


I went to see a room for rent in Olympia, WA in the 70’s. Decline the room, I was looking for more privacy. The owner of the premises asked me to go to the cinema with him. Of course, why not, I was new in town. He took me to see Swept Away, the one with subtitles and lots of sex and the dialogue I remember the most was her saying to the man in French “S*d*m*ze me”. Seriously? Going on a first date with a 19-year-old you just met? I was so uncomfortable through it all, I couldn’t wait to get home.


It wasn’t a date.
It was a chance encounter at a club. She was taller than me, very manageable and manageable, we danced, we kissed, we left separately after exchanging phone numbers.
The next day, I receive a call from a lady claiming that she is the mother of this girl. (Where did she get my number from??) Apparently she ran away from home, out of town, was only 15 or something (I was 19!! ) and if I knew where she was. He asked me what we had done while giving the impression of what I had done to him, but at the same time begging me for more information because his girlfriend still hadn’t come home. home.
It wasn’t “bad” but it shook me, because there was this person who acted and looked like an adult but was just a child.


So I met this girl online several years ago. We talked for a few months via phone calls, texts and emails. It was Valentine’s Day so I called her to ask what she was doing. She said she planned to order pizza and watch movies with her dog. So I invited her to dinner. We had been talking for two months, we both lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma and had never met in person. We agreed it was time to meet. We were going to meet at a restaurant and hope to have a nice dinner. I was super excited. I went to the store and bought her a square box of chocolates and a yellow rose. It was Valentine’s Day after all, but I didn’t want to look crazy with a heart-shaped box and red roses, not when we first met in person. We were set up to meet at about six o’clock that evening. I arrive a few minutes early. As I arrived she texted me and said she was going to be a few minutes late because she had to finish her hair. So I wait. 10 minutes….20 minutes…..30 minutes…..that box of chocolates is starting to look good…….45 minutes…….I bet her hair is amazing……1 hour…..then i get a text. “I’m really sorry but I can’t come.” After that, I never heard from her again. I called and texted for a few days and then gave up.


I had a first date that lasted several hours but I knew I should have left after the first five minutes. We were seated and almost immediately she shouts across the restaurant to a waiter for something. Then she tells me that you have to treat the waiters like that to be respected; show them that they have to pay attention to you. I was flabbergasted.

I did not know what to say. A friend installed it so I wouldn’t want to leave it. I should have.

We managed to order and of course she was rude to everyone who served us. Every time someone came to the table it was a different member of staff. No one wanted to deal with her. Eventually only the manager served us himself.

I don’t usually drink. If anything just one. I knew there wouldn’t be a second date and I wanted to forget that night, so I had many more than one.

Since they rightfully didn’t want to serve us, it took forever to get our food or whatever it needed afterwards. In all we were there at least two hours.

I went to the toilet. When I came back she was gone and the table was completely cleared with the bill on the table. Well, I was rid of her. I put down my credit card and sat down to wait for them to process it.

When they cleared the table they wanted it with something which I reacted to. My eyes watered up and turned red.

Then my date walked out of the lady’s room. She didn’t dump me. Shoot.

She sits down and sees that I look like I’m crying. She obviously does not know that it comes from the chemicals. She asked why.

Being a little drunk at this point, I looked at her very seriously, tears streaming down my face, and said “I had such a good time, I’m overwhelmed.”

I paid the bill, included a $100 tip, and when I got home I wrote a long letter of apology to the manager. My friend who installed it got an ear later.



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