Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts made in Maine


The romantic holidays are approaching and here are some gifts made in the Pine Tree State.

MAINE, USA – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if shoppers haven’t found the perfect gift for their sweetie, there are options for made-in-Maine gifts.

Kristan Vermeulen, the host of the Makers of USA podcast, has compiled a list of Made in Maine gifts for the holidays.

Mad Patti Hat Co makes hats in Freeport

The hats have a rustic look and put a new spin on the “crop-top” hat style. Customers can have them made to measure, or there are ready-to-wear hats as well.

Pricing ranges from $400-$900+ for custom orders.

Emily Shaffer’s studio in Lincolnville

Shafer is originally from Pennsylvania, but now lives in Lincoln. She creates unique sterling silver jewelry with a matte finish. Shafer also designed a heart piece especially for Valentine’s Day.

The price ranges from $50 to $1,200 for parts.

Bixby Chocolate: artisanal confectionery in Rockland

The shop offers a variety of chocolates. One of the most popular items is a dark chocolate lobster, but the shop also offers treats like peppermint, champagne candy, and chocolate hearts.

Prices range from $25 for chocolate lobster to $80 for a whole Valentine’s spread.

Island Apothecary on North Haven Island

The shop offers organic oils specially designed for the face. Vermeulen recommended the rose serum this time of year to combat dry skin and give faces a beautiful glow.

The price ranges from $15 to $70.

Photographer Madeline Harris in Portland

Harris offers intimate photo shoots to promote female empowerment and self-esteem.

Vermeulen calls it a gift for women to empower themselves and take them out of their comfort zone.

Pricing starts at $300 for the 45-minute starter package.

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