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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to wave balloons, bunch of red and pink roses, and heartily! The truth is, even as one of the most fabricated, out-of-date holidays, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful way to remind the person in your life that you love them.

And while it often seems like the pressure should only be on one partner, this is also a time of year for all of us to step up.

Fortunately, Reddit is full of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men.

Find out below!

“I was in college (22M). A girl I had known from high school had a crush on me and I could tell. She was a student at the same university and we occasionally met our group of friends for lunch. This small gathering had lasted several semesters and we all knew each other quite well. This girl had a really difficult life and a learning disability that prevented her from reading social situations and advancing in her studies. I had been through an incredibly difficult breakup the previous semester and was seeing a lonely Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure if she was told by a mutual friend or if she took it on her own, but she gave me a small bunch of suckers in a coffee cup for me. I have a really bad sweet tooth and I’m addicted to coffee so this was the perfect gift. We both ended up having lunch and had a great time. I will always remember how much fun I had. –Brighter_Lighter

“My girlfriend gave me a comic strip about us and all of our adventures. Yes, I cried. –FireButchJones

“When I started dating my fiancé, we worked together, with his ex. When he found out we were dating he tried talking to me in the break room and casually talked shit saying she was sticky etc. making a speaking hand gesture) ”. He tried to act like a ghetto to the point that I was embarrassed for him. It became a joke between her and me, and I started saying mocking things, like “I’m going to chirp in that bitch” and “I chirp in the trap.” Then we created comics called “The Adventures of Chirp and Trap”. Each day one of us would draw a comic and the other would continue the story. Chirp was a bird who usually wore a cowboy hat or Rambo outfit, and Trap was a caged bird. I think we still have them somewhere, but one of the funniest was Chirp who had to save Trap from a Dothraki horde. –Trees

Every year my mom makes this cookie cake with chocolate and strawberries and it’s the best thing ever. This is the only “gift” I have ever received for Valentine’s Day (so far) Edit: I forgot to take a pic of the first one but luckily she made an extra mini this year. This is the first time she’s added white chocolate, and it’s usually heart-shaped, but here it is. –Zaquarius_Alfonzo

“Not a girlfriend, but once my parents bought me a box of slim jims when I was a kid and it lasted until May. Was great.

I’ll marry the next woman who buys me a big box of slim jims. –

Sleepless Shitposter

“My parents gave me Valentine’s Day gifts all the time! One year was a restaurant-sized ketchup pot (since I really liked ketchup back then). It was both useful and fun! Although we threw it out before I finished it, because the bottom of the tub was starting to feel a bit… off.

I never received anything for Valentine’s Day, not from my parents. –

Flame Frenzy

“A letter telling me everything she likes about me and how I treat her.” It was the best. Her birthday was a few days later, so it was very difficult to make her feel loved and appreciated the way I felt when I gave her a crappy gift for Valentine’s Day.

The second best must be nothing (different partner). Literally nothing. I bought him some of his favorite candies. But it was great because it really showed how our relationship was and I knew she wasn’t the right one for me and I was the wrong one for her. She dumped me a few days later. I can’t say I was surprised. –Cbarnes15

“One year, a girl I was dating just sent me a big long message, basically a letter telling me that she wished she could be there with me (long distance relationship) and I was going through a rough time and I really brought home how much she cared about me and it was really beautiful, she was really good at making me feel special. i tried to do the same but i guess i’m not good at it i sent her a letter i had written with her favorite candy but yeah the relationship finally fell apart and i feel badly i couldn’t express how strong i felt her. ”–alchupanebra

“I have a steak, bourbon, a skipping rope and a bag of dorotos. I gave her a “sexy / naughty” calendar where I did housework wearing only an apron, a week of foot massages every night, made her cinnamon buns from scratch and I hid 50 Ferrero Rocher in the house. – Raininglemur

“I gave a single friend of mine a computer game that turned her Xbox controller into a vibrator. I’ve also included all kinds of pre-built templates so that with button presses or voice commands you can change them. –


“I feel like I’m the only one who enjoys massaging my feet. I think this is a good workout for my grip strength and women love them. Like just ask and I’ll be happy to give one. My ex didn’t like having his feet touched, so I rarely gave them away. –The squires

It was the first year and my psychology class was doing a secret Santa Claus type thing but for Valentine’s Day since we were close. I have a daughter who I agreed to give a gift. She drew him a pretty rose, wrote something cute, and gave him chocolates, not a lot. What I got from another girl was pretty impressive. I have a cute handwritten card, a pot of kisses, and a bunch of candy put in a cute bag. Now I was anti-social and it was completely unexpected. I expected her to give me like a chocolate bar or something but no she gave me the all bag! Such a nice girl, I wish her the best in her college life now.

I also received a Valentine’s Day gram that sent me chocolates anonymously but I already knew that it was this girl from a higher level than me who had sent it. Weird because I’m usually the one who never gets pissed off. –Reddit user

“When I was in high school my first serious girlfriend. My first Valentine’s Day in a relationship. We had been dating for about five months.

I ask her what she wants for Valentine’s Day. She says she doesn’t want anything, just dinner with me (I already had reservations). I ask her again, incredulously, “don’t you want anything, not even flowers?”

“No, I don’t want anything.”

“Are you sure? No flowers?

“I am on.”

“No flowers?”

Don’t bring me flowers. “

So… I offer him nothing but chocolate and a dinner reservation. Certainly no flowers.

At the end of the day, she is upset that she did not have flowers delivered. I tell her I didn’t get it for her, she told me not to. She cries and tells me not to talk to her. Refuse to answer my calls. We don’t go out to dinner together and I spend Valentine’s Day alone.

My present? One of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learned – don’t take women at face value, it’s a trap.

Just buy those damn flowers. – SadClownInIronLung

“My sophomore year of high school, a girl I hadn’t really thought about gave me a card that said ‘To: Cute boy, you have a really beautiful smile’. We hung around a bit after that but things didn’t go well (long story). Anyway, this Valentine’s Day started a chain reaction that ended a severe depression I had and now I smile more often. –Supéguy212

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