GOT7’s Mark Confirms New Solo Single ‘Last Breath’ To Be Released ON THIS Date



Ahgases, we have some good news for you. On October 22nd, GOT7’s Mark finally released a teaser image for his new solo single titled “Last Breath” on November 12th. So far, the singer has yet to reveal more specific details, such as the language his new track might be in. !

The news comes after the singer-songwriter deleted all of his Instagram posts, leading fans to speculate that something was brewing. The teaser poster is dramatic in which a man (Mark?) Dressed in a white shirt and black blazer drowns in the tub, desperately trying to stay afloat. It symbolizes the dying man’s feeble attempt to stay alive and not let himself be drowned in the chaos that surrounds him. The title of the upcoming single ‘Last Breath’ is somewhat similar to the fourth Korean studio album by the band ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’.

You can check out the teaser image below:

Previously, Mark had released the solo singles “Outta My Head” and “Never Told You” in China while promoting with GOT7. Then, earlier this year, he surprised fans by singing the track “Never Gonna Come Down” for “Shang-Chi”. and The Legend of the Ten Rings “alongside BIBI. Mark released his first single, the Valentine’s Day special” One In A Million “in collaboration with EDM producer Sanjoy in February, his first solo release since he was released. has left JYP Entertainment. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates.

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