Frontman Bang Chan’s movie date with STAYs is probably the most wholesome Stray Kids event ever


Which K-pop idol goes on a romantic date with millions of fans, reacts live, flirts, and uploads a message acknowledging their Twitter tendencies? Stray Kids Bang Chan.

The MANIACAL bandleader, known for always keeping his weekly promise, recently finalized a date, time and movie to watch with millions of fans around the world. The 24-year-old artist watched grow old with youa classic fantasy romance from Studio Ghibli.

The STAY fandom marked their second date with Bang Chan on September 13, 2022, the first being on Valentine’s Day 2021. By far an unforgettable moment in STAY’s history, the idol had arrived on the stream live with chocolates and golden roses on the V-date with his fans.

lrt; remember when we expected the usual silly fanservice to flirt on valentine’s day, but bang chan said “if i do that, i should treat them right” and planned an entire date. for his fandom. playlist + snacks included. how adorable. it would be a privilege to be loved by him!

spending Sundays together, having a date for Valentine’s Day, having holidays like Christmas and Halloween, and now a date at the movies with us. chan is the nicest how he always hangs out with us

The film’s encounter was somewhat similar to Netflix’s “Party” feature. Everyone started the movie the exact second Bang Chan messaged, while talking to each other via Bubble or Twitter.

#WeatheringWithYou started trending soon after the movie date debuted, giving way to fans creating their own hashtag, #WeatheringWithChan.

Bang Chan’s wholesome date night with his fans, with cakes and cozy rooms

When Bang Chan told fans to get ready for their movie date, STAY people around the world posted photos of their own ways of getting ready for the date. From cakes, Wolf Chan, to beverages, to the comfort of their rooms for a comfortable viewing experience, fans have left no stone unturned.

Prior to the start of the film, Bang Chan continually updated his fans on his preparation, telling fans to wear comfortable clothes while he was washing up and almost running late. He even asked them to wait while he dried his hair, and finally, asked for outfit suggestions.

it’s so endearing how chan lets us know what he’s currently doing in detail before the movie… showering, drying his hair and now choosing an outfit for this little date with staycations ☹️

The Stray Kids frontman and his fans apparently experienced the same emotions while watching grow old with you, which was greatly appreciated for his novel as emotions abounded.

The #WeatheringWithChan hashtag ranked #3 on Twitter’s global trends. The tweets below were wholesome, ranging from fans reacting to the film to Bang Chan flirting with Bubble and his interaction with the other STAYs.

The Stray Kids frontman's naughty messages surprised fans (Image via Twitter)
The Stray Kids frontman’s naughty messages surprised fans (Image via Twitter)

The leader seemed to be aware of this trend, as he changed his bubble status to “Weathering With STAY”, confirming that he was indeed aware.

There were also a lot of memes and jokes circulating on Twitter. Fans joked that they didn’t care how crazy they got because Stray Kids was one step ahead of them. Many posted images predicting how Bang Chan would look at the film by posting screenshots from his bedroom.

“your idols will never date you”STFU WE ARE DATING BANG CHAN

we really have a movie date with chan tomorrow like we’re not even in a parasocial relationship anymore, that’s for real.

Overall, the movie date made for a memorable moment for STAYs. Bang Chan’s messages on Bubble also suggested that he too had enjoyed himself. He asked his fans which movie they should watch next on their future date.

Knowing the K-pop idol and her determination to keep her promises, STAY can expect another wholesome experience in a few months.

Every week the ODDINARY the group’s leader/producer/writer is hopping on V LIVE to hang out with fans without fail. He teases his fans a lot, whether he’s lying about his hair color reveal or doing bed selfies on Bubble. But this time, the entertainer planned an entire movie date and captivated his fans.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids will be making their long-awaited comeback with a mini album. MAXIDENT on October 7, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. KST.

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