From Slap Day to Kick Day, here’s the date sheet for Anti-Valentine’s Week starting today


Save your heart as Anti-Valentine week begins today. | Photo credit: iStock Images

The past week has been one of love, romance and intimacy. From Rose Day to Valentine’s Day, shots were fired – some hit their mark and some missed. But Cupid reigned last week. But that’s over.

For those who were bothered by too much love in the air, your time has come. Today (February 15) marks the start of “Anti-Valentine’s Week”. Cupid will no longer shoot arrows and Eris – the Greek goddess of strife and discord – has begun to strum the strings of discord. The third week of February shows a darker but realistic picture than all that mushy romance. After couples in love professed their passion in more ways than one during Valentine’s Day week, here’s the week for a reality check. The week begins with ‘Slap Day’ on February 15 and ends with ‘Breakup Day’ on February 21, dedicated to all singles and/or couples who need a break from all the tearful love notes.

Interested in changing the course of all love and romance? Here’s a timeline with fun and fascinating facts from the anti-Valentine’s week.

February 15 – Slap Day

After wooing your loved one for seven days with chocolates, teddy bears and promises, February 15 marks “slap day.” From those caught cheating to those waiting to break up, today is the start of Anti-Cupid Week. We do not advise you to slap a person. Instead, we suggest that you take the time to analyze and eliminate the feelings that have bothered you over the past week (or beyond).

February 16 – Kick Day

No more slapping? But you still haven’t finished getting angry? This is Kick Day, observed on February 16. Better not kick someone IRL, but consider this day to chase away all the bitterness and negativity your ex left behind. Also, if you’re unhappy with the gifts you’ve received in the past week, now is a great day to kick them out as well.

February 17 – Perfume Day

After two days full of energy, it’s “Me Time” day. After slapping and chasing all that negativity, it’s time for you to pamper yourself. Celebrate Perfume Day on February 17 in its purest sense. Go out and splurge on that bottle of perfume you’ve been lusting after, but dared not spend. Charge your mood with the right amount of pressure point fragrance – the week isn’t over yet.

February 18 – Flirt Day

After pampering yourself, consider starting over and getting back on the path to love. The right way to celebrate Flirt Day on February 18 is to – well, flirt! If you’re not in the mood to talk about your feelings, maybe you can take it easy by trying out that line you’ve always wanted. Cherish this day by welcoming new experiences into your life.

February 19 – Confession Day

Confession always lightens the burden of guilt, and no better day than February 19 for that. This is the day you need to confess your feelings (or anti-feelings) to your significant (or not-so-significant) other. Go on and confess your mistakes that you have made or confess your feelings for that special someone. Have your confession day on your way.

February 20 – Missing Day

With all the anger, negativity, indulgence, and confessions over, here comes Disappearance Day on February 20, 2022. Do you miss that special someone (friend, crush, family)? Pick up that phone and tell the person you miss them and let those feelings out in the open. Always good for someone to know they miss them.

February 21 – Breaking Day

The grand finale of Anti-Valentine’s Week is the exact opposite of Valentine’s Day – Breakup Day. February 21 is the day when the whole cycle of love and hate finally ends. Whether you want to break up with someone or just break a bad lifestyle/habit, this is your day. Choose freedom and get the closure you deserve on breakup day.


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