From I Feel Pretty to Gone Girl; 5 anti-Valentine’s Day movies to binge watch if you’re celebrating solo


Aside from relationship status, there are countless ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re having a date or a picnic with your girlfriends or want to pamper yourself this V-Day, use the time to the fullest. For those celebrating solo, there’s nothing better than curling up in bed watching Netflix and while you might be tempted to turn to your favorite rom-com, you know it’s not going to end well. . Instead, we’re bringing you 5 anti-Valentine’s Day movies, which will have you thanking your lucky stars for braving the marketed holiday solo. Scroll down for 5 of our anti-V-Day watch picks.

Nappily Ever After: Netflix’s 2018 film follows Violet Jones realizing how ingrained perfection has been in her life with her upbringing and partner and how pointless it is. After shaving off her “perfect” hair, James rearranges her life and comes into its own as she lets go of wanting to be perfect all the time.

I Feel Pretty: After an unfortunate fall, insecure 20-year-old Amy Schumer, aka Renee Barrett, living in New York City, begins to believe she’s a beautiful woman and gains the confidence to do things that she was always uncomfortable because she thought she was not enough.

Someone Good: Starring Gina Rodriguez as Jenny Young, the hilarious film follows the nuances of female friendships after a misguided relationship goes awry. Braving the aftermath of a traumatic breakup, Gina Rodriguez alias Jenny Young is putting the pieces of her life back together with her girlfriends by her side (and a lot of Lizzo songs, so it’s a win-win!).

The Other Woman: Starring Cameron Diaz, Nicki Minaj, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a cheating husband and boyfriend, the 2019 film is a riot. When Diaz aka Carly, Mark’s girlfriend, is shocked when she learns of his marriage. She meets his wife, Kate, and they become good friends. However, Kate discovers Mark’s affair with Amber.

Gone Girl: Now if you really want to feel lucky to be single, listen to this thriller. Gone Girl not only explores how men are largely fraudsters and cheaters, but also that women can get revenge. Without giving too much away, this film is one not to be missed.

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