Essex weather forecast: Exact-date forecasters say we could see snow in Essex


A White Christmas is a dream for many children and adults across the country.

But 11 years ago, in 2010, Essex last experienced snowfall over Christmas, with much of the country blanketed in what has been one of the coldest winters since the start of records.

In order for it to officially count as a White Christmas, the Met Office says “a snowflake must be observed falling within 24 hours of December 25 at a specified location” – but what is the exact date that we might see snow for next time?

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Sadly, it looks like a White Christmas is not on the cards this year, with forecasters predicting the magical day will only see cloudy conditions.

Weather experts at Accuweather suggested that Essex might not see snow for another two months in February.

In its long-range forecast, the next date weather experts have suggested snow could fall on Essex is Valentine’s Day – February 14.

They state that on February 14 the weather will be “mostly cloudy with a downpour around, maybe a snow shower at the start” – with around 02cm of snow falling.

Then, 2 days later, the snow should fall on February 16, with another 0.2 cm of snow. Accuweather says the weather will be “cloudy; flurries in the morning followed by occasional downpours in the afternoon.”

Elsewhere in the UK, the Met Office has warned that the UK can expect snow in the second half of the month, while weather maps suggest freezing conditions from December 19.

A frigid weather system is expected to hit the UK from December 19, due to air moving south from the Arctic and Scandinavia through Scotland, Wales, the north and the central England.

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