Date, Meaning and How to Celebrate this day of Anti-Valentine’s Week?


Missing day 2022: The feeling of love sometimes leaves you longing for the comfort you find in the company of your loved one. During the week of Anti-Valentine’s Day, if you’ve been feeling the loneliness around you as everyone is spending quality time with their partner, then February 20 is the day to let your emotions out. February 20 is celebrated as Disappearance Day.

Missing day 2022: meaning

While Anti-Valentine’s Week is all about letting go of the hard feelings you’ve had watching couples during Valentine’s Week, a day is here that will melt your heart. Missing Day, which is the penultimate day of the Anti-Valentine week, is all about missing the person you love the most.

If you were away from your partner due to a long distance relationship or a breakup, you must spend every day wanting to be with them. Missing Day is all about the emotions you feel in such a situation.

How to Celebrate Disappearance Day

Anti-Valentine’s week is mostly celebrated by singles unlike the week of love. During the week-long celebrations, those who felt lonely watching the love around them, celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Week.

However, Missing Day is an occasion that can be celebrated by everyone despite their relationship status. Breaking up hurts, but what hurts even more is remembering the person looking at the little things and the places you spent time with them.

The day when souls remember their loved ones and cry their hearts out missing them. Whether it’s any relationship, good or bad, at some point in life, you miss everyone you were with. However, remember, don’t let your past affect your present.

So, miss the person you love, but don’t time travel because it might affect your present.

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