Chris Pratt’s Garfield gets a 2024 release date, and it’s not a Monday!


Sony Pictures donated Garfield a date he can crawl from bed to the big screen with the studio setting a February 16, 2024 release for Jim Davis’ iconic feline.

With the animations of the new man of a thousand voices, Chris Pratt (he will also be Mario in an upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie), as a laconic cat, alongside Samuel L. Jackson as a new character called Vic, who would be Garfield’s father, this latest adaptation of the 44-year-old comic book will see Little chickendirected by Mark Dindal from a screenplay written by The world of Nemois David Reynolds. The two once worked together on an underrated Disney gem The Emperor’s New Routine.

Originally published in 1978, Garfield was created by Jim Davis and chronicles the life of main character Garfield, his human owner Jon Arbuckle, and Odie the dog. It was first brought to life by voice-over extraordinaire Lorenzo Music, who you’ll also recognize from the classic 80s cartoon The Real Ghostbustersbefore the baton passed to Bill Murray for two lackluster blockbusters in the mid-2000s – Garfield (2004) and Garfield: The Tale of Two Kittens – which again grossed over $345 million worldwide.

In addition to his two upcoming voice-over projects, Pratt successfully voiced Emmet in the Lego films, as well as Barley Lightfoot in Pixar Ahead.

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