Cassandra James talks about Terry’s Valentine’s Day date on GH


Terry’s blind date on Valentine’s Day didn’t quite go as planned at GENERAL HOSPITAL, but at least it ended well! “The start of something romantic for Terry on GH is something I’ve been looking forward to since joining the show,” portrayer Cassandra James posted on Instagram. “Trans people are worthy of love in all its forms and to be able to show it to daytime audiences is a great honor.”

During Friday’s episode cliffhanger, Terry saw Chet wearing a teal shirt and thought she was the guy she had been chatting to on the app and arranged to meet. And during the Feb. 14 episode, when Terry discovered his mistake, James was live-tweeting with the show and answering fan questions about his character and future storylines. “I’m a very patient woman, just like GH fans,” the actress said of a potential romantic storyline. “I’m in no rush, but I hope Terry finds a love that surpasses all expectations. ‘Us against the world’ kind of love!

Naturally, one fan asked about the stunning blue dress Terry wore for her blind date at Charlie’s Pub and wondered if the actress had a hand in her choice. “I’m so happy to say that so many departments at GH are open to contributing and collaborating,” James revealed. “The wardrobe department knew how excited I was about this date for Terry and everyone made sure I looked my best.”

Terry seemed quite charmed by his knight in teal armor!ABC/Craig Sjodin

Although James loved acting out scenes like inspiring Liz to scream cathartically in her car and the powerful emotions surrounding the death of her patient, Oscar Nero, the actress was really looking forward to making Terry loveable in the afternoon. “Shooting this two-part Valentine’s Day movie for me was one of the most rewarding and meaningful pieces of work on the show,” she confessed.

When Terry’s real blind date went horribly wrong, Chet stepped in to get rid of the jerk by pretending to be his jealous boyfriend. And after Tanner beat a hasty retreat, Terry and Chet sat down for a drink together and got to know each other a little better. “Who knows what’s next for Terry and Chet?” thought James. “I can’t wait to find out!”

Stay tuned to GH to see what happens!

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