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Bridgeton Middle School is back in session, folks! The beloved and raunchy adult animated series Big mouth is set to return with its Season 5. The Emmy-winning Netflix series explores the weird and hilarious journey of puberty, with an adorable cast of characters and a few goofy jokes. Created by Andrew Goldberg, Nick kroll, Marc Levin, and Jennifer flackett, previous seasons of the show have explored a wide range of topics, from the right way to kiss someone, to depression and anxiety.

Big mouth Season 4 was … something, okay. By “something” we mean a mad rush with Anxiety Mosquitos, Nick “Nick Starr’s” future evil alter ego, and some serious sanity themes. Now, with Season 5 just around the corner, the expectations are pretty high. So we’ve put together this guide bringing together everything we know so far about the series’ upcoming fifth season. Let’s dig, okay?

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How many episodes are there in Big Mouth season 5?


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We don’t have an official announcement on this yet, but fans can expect Big mouth season 5 has ten episodes. This has been the case for all previous seasons except Season 3, which also had a Valentine’s Day special. So you can (probably) expect the same format of 10 half hour episodes with Season 5.

Big Mouth Season 5 Trailer

Netflix released a Big mouth Season 5 trailer on October 15. You can check this above.

What is the Big Mouth Season 5 release date?


Image via Netflix

Big mouth Season 5 is currently slated for release on November 5, 2021. The date was announced with a teaser showing Rick the Hormone Monster wearing finger joint tattoos on each hand spelling out “Love” and “Hate” . Netflix will almost certainly delete all of the episodes in one go so you can mark your calendars for a hilarious binging session.

Who understands the cast of Big Mouth season 5?


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Fans can look forward to all the major stars of Big mouth be back in season 5. The cast of Big mouth includes the vocal talents of series co-creator Nick Kroll, John mulaney, Jessi klein, Jason mantzoukas, Fred armisen, Maya rudolphe, Jordan peele, Andrew Rannell, and Richard Kind, among others.

Season 4 has also been added Maria bamford, Zach Galifinakis, and Seth Rogen at the casting. In addition, the previous season also brought Ayo Edebiri as Missy’s new voice, succeeding Jenny Slate. Edebiri will be returning for Season 5 but we don’t yet know if the other cast members who joined the series the previous season will return. That said, we could all use a little more Gratitoad in our lives, so maybe they’ll at least bring back Galifinakis to brighten up the children’s lives (and ours).

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Who are the new monsters appearing in Big Mouth season 5?


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Brandon Kyle Goodman, Keke Palmer, and Pamela Adlon have been confirmed as guest stars for Big mouth Season 5 and they’ll be playing a whole new kind of metaphorical monster. So far, the series has featured Hormone Monsters, the Shame Wizard, the Depression Kitty, and many more characters who represent human emotions and stages of development. According to Deadline, Season 5 will bring a new kind of monster into the mix: lovebugs / hate worms.

These creatures have the ability to switch between their forms of love and hate, depending on the emotions of the human assigned to them. Goodman will voice Walter, Nick’s love / hate worm, while Adlon will voice Jessi, Sonya’s love worm, and Palmer will voice Missy’s hate worm Rochelle.

Goodman and Palmer will be regulars on upcoming spinoff series Human ressources while Adlon is also expected to be a guest star in the same. So there is a good chance that the upcoming appearances of these three actors could lead to the new show.

Who are the main characters in season 5 of Big Mouth?

big mouth miss

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Fans of Big mouth will obviously be familiar with all of the main characters in the series, all of whom should be back in Season 5. However, just in case you’re just starting out, these are the main characters of Big mouth:

Kroll voices Nick Birch, a latecomer who is constantly insecure about his physical development. He’s Andrew’s best friend. Nick and Andrew are loosely based on the young creators of the Kroll and Goldberg series.

Andrew Glouberman (Mulaney) is the other male protagonist in the series. He spends a very large part of his time masturbating and being harassed by his hormonal monster, Maurice / “Maury” (also voiced by Kroll).

Jessi Glaser is the “main girl” of the show and she is voiced by Jessi Klein. Jessi is smart, sarcastic, and more mature than most of her peers. Her Hormone Monstress is Connie, voiced by Maya Rudolph.

Jay Bilzerian (Mantzoukas) is an Armenian American boy who is mainly obsessed with two things: sex and magic. Despite his brash personality, Jay has a pretty bad family life and wants to have a loving family. He comes out bisexual in season 3.

Missy Foreman-Greenwald is a kind, shy, nerdy girl who struggles with her late development at first, just like Nick. She and Andrew are often paired up. Missy is biracial and in Season 4, she begins to properly embrace her African American heritage.

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Will there be a Big Mouth Season 6?


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Since its creation, Big mouth has been an extremely popular series for Netflix. So it’s no surprise that the series has already been renewed for a sixth season, ahead of the release of Season 5. Assuming everything in production stays on track, fans can probably expect to see the season 6 arrive towards the end of 2022.

The derivative series Human ressources, which will take a closer look at the monsters that help and hinder human development, is also slated to arrive in 2022. In the meantime, get ready for Season 5 as it is shaping up to be a poignant story.

What is the story of Big Mouth season 5?


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During season 4, the series’ protagonists struggled and finally overcame anxiety, personified by Tito the anxious mosquito. But as we all know, anxiety and depression are not things that go away so easily. There is always the possibility that these will return, but at least now children have coping mechanisms to help them.

Does it mean Big mouth Will Season 5 see our beloved characters grow into fuller human beings? Yes and no. The main theme of Big mouth Season 5 will be Love and Hate with the new lovebugs and hate worms, serving as metaphors for these emotional states. And it’s not just about romantic or sexual feelings, either.

Season 5 will see Nik express his feelings for Jessi, with the help of his love, Walter. Unfortunately, Jessi publicly rejects Nick, turning Walter into a worm of hate. Nick’s hatred will lead him down a dark and dangerous path. It looks like we’ll get more commentary on toxic masculinity, a topic the series has already covered. According to a New York Times Article, revenge porn is one of the topics covered by the writers alongside cystic acne and female friendship among others. Of course, we don’t know which of those topics actually ended up in the script, but it’s as hateful and dark as it becomes such a fair warning, you might hate Nick this season.

Nick Kroll and Maria Bamford in Big Mouth Season 4

Meanwhile, Jessi will get closer to Ali (Ali Wong), to the point that she begins to wonder if she loves Ali more than as a friend. She will be motivated and helped in this by her own lovebug, Sonya. But as Jessi and Ali get closer and begin to co-opt Missy’s affinity group, Missy is visited by the hate worm Rochelle, sending her into her own dark spiral.

Besides these intrigues of love and jealousy, Big mouth Season 5 will also have a political angle, marking a new milestone in character development. Co-creator and EP Mark Levin said during the USC Comedy Festival in April that season 5 will “explore a little more about the kids who defend and become political”. However, Flackett, co-creator of Levin, also noted that it was quite difficult to bring topical humor to the show.

“It takes us a long time to do a season, so topical humor is really, really tough,” she said. “You can do something about political identity, like ‘I’m a Republican, I’m a Democrat, I’m anything’, but I don’t think we can do anything [more specific]. Because we want the world to feel somewhat timeless, anyway. ”

It looks like the characters are going to be a lot more mature in Season 5 than ever before, although that is unlikely to detract from the scorching, youthful humor of the show that makes her so likable. Big mouth Season 5 is very promising and we can’t wait to see what happens!

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