Best Valentine’s Day movies on Netflix: 10 of the most romantic movie couples to watch on Netflix UK


Try as you can, it’s hard to hit good old romance on the big screen.

It comes in many forms, with rom-coms, steamy, forbidden love affairs and everything in between dominating our screens every Valentine’s Day.

And while each romance movie may vary in content, one thing that every self-respecting romance movie needs is a great on-screen couple, whether or not these iconic movie couples get their happily ever after or not.

Some movies have sparked so much on-screen chemistry that the actors have actually fallen in love off-screen — and yes, some of them can even be classified as forbidden love (we’re looking at you, Mr. and Mrs. Smith).

So forget the overpriced romantic meal, open the red wine and suggest some Netflix and relax with our list of the top 10 movie couples currently on Netflix.


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