Best Movies Based On The Beatles Songs


After the death of their manager Brian Epstein in 1967, The Beatles lost their focus and the once tight-knit group began to show signs of a fracture. In the hopes of “Returning” to where they once belonged (a song they “invented it from scratch“), they teamed up with director Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969 to capture, as McCartney said, “The Beatles rehearse, vividly, stage and finally perform somewhere in a big end-of-show concert.”

Lindsay-Hogg and her crew filmed over 50 hours of footage, including the group’s climax performing on a rooftop (their last live gig), renamed the project “Let It Be” (from the song that came to McCartney in a reassuring dream starring his mother Mary), which was finally released a year later, just as the group decided to pull out. History and memory have not been kind to Lindsay-Hogg Oscar winner documentary, as it has been called a breakthrough film, but director Peter Jackson helped change that perception with his take on the material, “Get Back” from 2021. His 8-hour, 3-part documentary, at the time Ringo and Mccartney said recently, reminds us of the “joy” the band had together during those notorious recording sessions (and Producer Glyn Johns’ incredible wardrobe).

Jackson told The Independent that when he “lifted the veil and you see the unvarnished truth”, it offered “the opportunity to see them as human beings”. Lindsay-Hogg did not participate in Jackson’s doc, but gave her blessing, as he told Variety, “It’s like mine is a short story and hers is a complete novel. They each have different qualities, but I think the two can coexist.”


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