Best Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies to Stream


Has anyone ever really like Valentine’s Day? If you are single, it is a day when no one spontaneously buys you chocolates in pharmacies, and you are seriously considering adopting a dog. If you’re in a relationship, you suddenly find yourself immersed in the Olympics of love: buying one of those giant cards that would gobble up a child, trying to bribe your way to an overpriced restaurant, or hoping your partner isn’t lying. . when they said you can totally skip the holidays this year (better buy that pink teddy bear just in case!) Valentine’s Day is a recipe for the blues, whatever your relationship status, so why not get all your pent-up Valentine’s Day rage with a good old-fashioned anti-Valentine’s Day movie?

Streaming platforms offer a slew of films about relationships gone wrong, singles living well, and cinematic reminders not to trust every handsome stranger who comes knocking on your door. Love is weird, complicated and sometimes deadly – both in real life and on the big screen. So whether you’re single AF and planning to curl up for the evening with a glass of wine that will save you from feeling like the single sister in a Jane Austen novel, or a happily married couple who want to celebrate together. Calming down on the whole sordid affair, here are the best anti-Valentine’s Day movies to watch!

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blue valentine

Ryan Gosling as Dean and Michelle Williams as Cindy in

Do you have the impression of having difficult romantic relationships? Good, blue valentine tells you it could always be worse. Ryan Gosling and michelle williams ooze chemistry together in this depressing romance and while it may restore your faith in the movies, it will also make you much more cautious in your next relationship.



the heathers
Image via Anchor Bay

This 80s classic never gets old. Heathers is a story about rising to the top of the high school hierarchy that just happens to feature one of the deadliest and most dysfunctional couples in movie history. Watch Winona Ryder’s Veronica fall in love with resident bad boy JD, only to realize he’s far too unstable to be stable. By the time the end credits roll, you’ll be on top of girl power as Veronica conquers the unforgiving world of high school on her own.

It follows

Picture via RADiUS

Need a good reason to be thankful you’re not in the dating game? It follows is a sleeping shot on a sexually transmitted haunting will do.

practical magic

Image via Roadshow Entertainment

Nothing is more powerful than the bond between sisters. In practical magic, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman Confront family curses, abusive exes, and embrace their inner witches in a film that’s both funny and a reminder that romantic love isn’t the only kind of love that matters.

Primary instinct

Image via TriStar

Sure, Primary instinct is sexy. But do not get me wrong, Sharon Stoneis Catherine and Michael Douglas‘Nick is completely deranged. They’re the star kids of destructive relationships, and their twisted affair will make you think twice about getting too close to the next sexy stranger you meet.

the brilliant

the brilliant
Image via Warner Bros.

If marriage means moving your family to a secluded house of horrors, so your husband can write the next great American novel while slowly going insane, is it really worth it? Ladies and gentlemen, the brilliant!

The night

Image via Orchard

Being in a relationship means doing weird things to keep the romance alive. Sadly, for the woefully underrated couple The night it means getting tricked into swinging with Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godreche. Hilarious and gritty at the same time, it’s a comedy about marriage that won’t leave you craving a significant other.


Picture via Netflix

A Netflix Original about letting go of bad boyfriends and building a family in the most unexpected places, Talulah brings platonic love to the fore. The exceptional performance of Allison Janney and Elliot Page make them worthy Valentine’s Day companions for your Netflix party and relax on your own.

The invitation

the invitation
Image via Drafthouse Films

It is impossible to say much about The invitationwhich features dinner from hell, without giving away the game, but at the very least the takeaway is to never accept an invitation from your ex.

Frances Ha

Image via IFC films

Frances is wild, free and single. Loves come and go in this sparkling story of a modern New York woman, but in Frances Ha self-realization turns out to be the ultimate goal.

August: Osage County

August: Osage County
Picture via Netflix

Settle in for a film about a family of fierce women who aren’t afraid to fight their way to the top of the family tree after the death of their patriarch. The verbal battles in August: Osage County are like excerpts from a lost play by Tennessee Williams, immersing you in the story of a brutal family battle where romance is the furthest thing from the character’s mind.

Under the Tuscan sun

Image via Buena Vista Pictures

It looks like a romantic comedy and sounds like a romantic comedy, but Under the Tuscan sun is a slyly subversive film about finding fulfillment within a community rather than with a significant other.


Image via Paramount Pictures

Once you look at the delicious caddish Alfie sleep his way through New York with little to no remorse, any desire you had to call the guy you met on Tinder will disappear faster than your snacks at the movies.

For a good time on the phone

Image via focus features

There’s a Romantic Subplot in the Phone Sex Comedy For a good time on the phone, but that’s nothing compared to the female friendship at the center of the film. Make no mistake, this is the story of two young women who discover each other and forge an unbreakable friendship – the boys are firmly left out in this film.

Your sister’s sister

Image via IFC films

Dating is only good for giving people headaches and unexpected tantrums. You just have to ask Marc Duplass in Your sister’s sisterwho finds himself unwittingly caught between the woman he has a crush on and a pregnancy plan hatched by his sister’s sister in a mumblecore masterpiece you need in your life.

all good things

Image via Magnolia Pictures

Same Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst can’t make their marriage last all good things, which deals with what happens when a relationship falls apart and is loosely based on the true story of Robert Durst. Watching their characters slowly tear apart acts as a sad reminder that love has no guarantees.

A single man

Image via The Weinstein Society

In A single man, Colin Firth is fascinating as a man unable to overcome the death of his lover. The heartache contained in each perfectly executed scene will leave you engrossed in the harrowing story about the unforgiving weight of a broken heart from start to finish.


Image via focus features

Pesky little sister makes sure star-crossed lovers stay star-crossed forever in Atonementa war drama that’s both the perfect Valentine’s and Valentine’s Day movie.

The graduation

The graduation
Picture via MGM

Being young and in love is great until reality sets in and you realize you just threw all your prospects on a maybe. The graduation is a classic film about youthful indecisiveness and the dark side of the suburbs – it’s also the perfect film to watch when you want your suspicions that love is a fraud confirmed.

kill me three times

Image via the releasing magnet

Imagine being in a marriage so broken that your husband hit you. Absurd and much funnier than it has a right to be, kill me three times will have you rooting for his beleaguered hitman played by the always spectacular Simon Pegg.

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