American singer Dan Reynolds opens up about his Valentine’s date with Rihanna


Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds opened up about his surprise encounter with Rihanna as he dated the world-famous pop star backstage on Valentine’s Day after she came to one of the concerts of his group.

The American artist revealed that his wife “was not very happy” with the situation and seemed surprised by the scene.

Dan was playing a concert with his Grammy-winning pop group on the annual Romantic Day Rihanna arrived to see her band at the Star-studded Musical Reunion.

The artist, during an interview, revealed: “She [Rihanna] came to one of our shows and we got to spend some time with her on Valentine’s Day actually.

The singer added, “And my wife wasn’t too happy that I was spending time with Rihanna backstage on Valentine’s Day … I remember that!”

The American star went on to say that he had a lot of respect for Rihanna as an artist, and if Imagine Dragons ever teamed up with the Only Girl singer, it would constitute a “radical collaboration.”

He continued, “She’s wonderful. I have so much respect for her as a performer, writer and artist and yes that would be a great collaboration.”

Dan got married to fellow singer Aja Volkman in 2011, and they share their three daughters Arrow Eve, Gia James and Coco Rae, and son Valentine, but the moment has kind of put his wife in trouble as she doesn’t live. wasn’t expecting Rihanna or another celebrity with her husband on Valentine’s Day.

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